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March 31st, 2010

BBC America have confirmed that Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Steven Moffat will be attending a special preview of The Eleventh Hour in New York City!

The screening is due to take place at the Village East Cinema on Wednesday 14th April 2010 from 7:00PM (UTC).

Afterwards, Smith, Gillan and Moffat will be participating in a question and answer session.

According to BBC America’s Facebook page, the event is free to attend, however seating will be managed on a strictly first-come first-service basis – so any attendees best get there nice and early to guarantee themselves a place!

Series 5 will have its official US debut on Saturday 17th April on BBC America.

March 31st, 2010

To whet our appetites even more, the BBC have released a couple more episode stills from two upcoming Series 5 adventures!

The first is of River Song – played by Alex Kingston – who will be making a comeback in episodes 4 and 5, The Time of Angels (Part I) and Flesh and Stone (Part II)…

…and the second is taken from episode 6, Vampires in Venice!

The new series of Doctor Who begins this Saturday on BBC One and BBC HD!

March 31st, 2010

The official website have posted the all-important details for anybody who is hoping to attend one of the various Series 5 celebratory launch days this week!

The events will be held at BBC Big Screens in Edinburgh (Festival Square), Manchester (Exchange Square), Plymouth (Armada Way), Swansea (Castle Square) and Woolwich (General Gordon Place).

Each day (April 1st-April 3rd), between 11:00AM-4:00PM, guests will be able to watch the launch trailer in all its 3D glory, and will be able to get up close and personal with some of the creatures that the Doctor and Amy will be facing in their forthcoming adventures. In addition, there’ll also be the chance to have your photo taken tumbling through the vortex!

For those of you who will be attending one of the events, have a great day!

March 31st, 2010

Today marked the final day of the whistle-stop Series 5 launch tour, and the penultimate destination on the agenda was Sunderland! You can watch an interview with Matt and Karen which was broadcast on BBC Newcastle here.

The event culminated, rather appropriately, in Matt Smith’s hometown of Northampton this afternoon. Check out pictures and blog updates from throughout the day over at the official Doctor Who website, here.

March 31st, 2010

With just 3 short days left to go until the start of the new series, the BBC have released two more episode stills from The Eleventh Hour! Check them out below:

The episode airs this Saturday on BBC One and BBC HD at 6:20PM!

March 31st, 2010

Matt Smith appeared on this afternoon’s edition’s of Blue Peter, where he stopped by to show viewers how they can make a TARDIS Bird Feeder for their gardens.

You can watch the video over at the official Blue Peter website, here. During his interview, a new clip from this Saturday’s episode, The Eleventh Hour, was shown, so don’t watch it if you’re avoiding spoilers!

March 31st, 2010

The BBC have today released the first three official stills taken from episode 3 of the forthcoming series, Victory of the Daleks!

The episode, written by Mark Gattis, is due to air on Saturday 17th April, and its synopsis should be included in the BBC Press Office’s update tomorrow lunchtime.

March 30th, 2010

Steven Moffat was interviewed on Front Row on BBC Radio 4 this evening, during which he revealed that he didn’t have to research any aspects of the series before writing as he grew up with a firm understanding of its mythology.

“I didn’t really have to look up much, because I honestly do know the history of Doctor Who very well,” he laughed. “And besides, its history is always made up on the stop. It’s absolute nonsense!”

He continued: “The sonic screwdriver, for example, can do anything you want. Unless it’s really vital to the plot, in which case it can’t! Then he either forgets it or leaves it in the TARDIS, or there’s a deadlock or a triple deadlock or something. He can never get through a door that’s really important!”

The showrunner went on to discuss The Eleventh Hour, specifically how the Doctor will be behaving during the initial aftermath of his latest regeneration.

“A few minutes ago he was David Tennant saying goodbye to Rose Tyler, and now he’s in the very thick of a new adventure,” he explained. ”There’s not even the traditional period of unconsciousness, so, in a way, he’s still settling into his new form. He’s still a bit of David, but he’s realising those things don’t work for him anymore. Imagine waking up and you’re literally someone else. How do you cope with it?”

Up next was the revelation that former head writer Russell T Davies has watched one of the upcoming episodes, for reasons he ‘won’t go into’. ”He’s the one Doctor Who fan on the planet for whom the show has not yet returned, because he’s had to work on all of them,” he said, before adding, rather cryptically, “He’s seen one. Heaven knows why.”

The interview culminated with Moffat telling viewers to “Wait and see!” if there’ll be any changes to the Daleks when they return in Episode 3 to do battle during World War II.

The Eleventh Hour airs this Saturday on BBC One and BBC HD at 6:20PM!

March 30th, 2010

The BBC Press Office has today been updated with the finalized broadcast details for episode two of Series 5, The Beast Below, written by Steven Moffat.

The episode will air on BBC One, and simultaneously on the HD channel, at 6:15PM on Saturday 10th April.

Lasting 45 minutes, the episode will finish at 7:00PM, to be immediately followed by its accompanying instalment of Doctor Who Confidential, All about the Girl, on BBC3.

The episode sees the Doctor and Amy travel to the distant future, where they find Britain in space. Starship UK houses the future of the British people, as they search the stars for a new home. But as Amy explores, she encounters the terrifying Smilers and learns a deadly truth inside the Voting Booth.

The new series of Doctor Who begins this Saturday on BBC One and BBC HD at 6:20PM!

March 30th, 2010

It’s day two of the Series 5 launch tour, and the rain and drizzle didn’t dampen the spirits of Matt Smith and Karen Gillan this morning as they made their way up to Scotland!

On their way to Karen’s hometown of Iverness, they stopped off at Loch Ness for a quick photo session. They were joined by Karen’s cousin, Caitlin Blackwood, who will be appearing as the young Amy in The Eleventh Hour.

The official Doctor Who website has uploaded a snap from the shoot:

And here’s another picture of the tour bus arriving in Belfast yesterday!

Tomorrow’s destinations are Salford and Matt Smith’s hometown, Northampton. Keep up to date with the latest action and screening reactions over at the official website, here.

There’s more coverage of today’s screening in Iverness at the BBC’s View from the South Bank blog, here, and a video report has been posted by STV.

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