Is The Doctor the Universe’s Best or Worst Role Model?

June 1st, 2014
Warning! This article and its comments may contain spoilers...

Is The Doctor a good role model? Most of Doctor Who’s younger audience watches the new series from 2005 to current day. So the doctors in seasons one through seven have the most impact on kids today. Is The Doctor a good role model for teenagers who are about to make important life decisions? To answer that question we’ll have to take a look at how the Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh Doctor dealt with the challenges they faced in each season.

In the first episode of the new series “Rose”, we are first introduced to The Ninth Doctor when he risks his own life to save Rose from evil plastic, yay! Well maybe not yay. For the rest of the episode he pushes Rose away when she is only trying to help him. In the end he does open up and ask her to come with him, but takes her away from her family and boyfriend. The rest of season one involves him almost killing Rose in the distant future, almost killing Rose in the distant past, almost killing Rose in modern day, and almost killing Rose in front of herself as an infant. At this point it looks bad for The Doctor. Well, that is until you look at the fact that during all of Season One, he does nothing but help people. He risks his life to save others in almost every episode. In “Father’s” day he jumps in front of a group of people to save them even though he risks his own life in the process. He also risks his life again in “The Parting of Ways” when he sends Rose away on the Tardis to attempt to protect future Earth from the Daleks. He also saves people in pretty much every episode. Although The Doctor does almost kill Rose in every episode of season one. He always does the right thing, and even ends up dying to save Rose. The Ninth Doctor is definitely a good role model. In my personal grading scale, I give him a 9/10 on his role model quality.

This is where things get a bit more complicated. The Tenth Doctor was born out of the act of selflessness, but does that trait carry on with him during his tenth incarnation? Season two was full of love, happiness, and victorious triumphs. Well except for the fact that The Doctor met an old companion who traveled with him for a huge part of her life, and had thought for over twenty years that he was dead. What did he do? He pretended that had no idea who she was. Well, on his defense it was Sarah Jane. She was bound to figure out it was him eventually. She traveled with him for three years. The Doctor also ditched Rose to go and party in renaissance France for over 5 hours. All-in-all during series two The Doctor was a decent role model. I give him a 7/10 on role model quality.

This is where things turned bad. Rose is gone so let’s ruin Martha’s whole experience on the Tardis, and eventually make her leave. Season three is a bit painful to watch. In almost every episode The Doctor starts sulking because Rose is gone. Martha is one of the most brilliant companions he’s ever had, and he pushed her away. In this season he did save people, and help solve problems no one else could, but that doesn’t make up for the way he treated Martha. The Tenth Doctor was a pretty bad role model in season three, but he still taught the younger audience that you should always do the right thing, and don’t forget those that you loved. I give The Doctor season three gets a 4/10 on his role model quality. Yes, in my opinion he treated her that bad.

It’s time for Donna! Everybody loves Donna. She is Sassy, funny, and brings The Doctor out of his Rose depression. In this season he causes Pompeii’s volcano explosion to happen, but that’s just about the worst thing he did, and that was to save all of mankind and possibly the Universe. This season is all about saving those who need you the most, saving people even though they weren’t so nice to you, and of course an amazing friendship! The Doctor also finds a way to literally “save” his future wife. In the end he does what is best for Donna even though she doesn’t like it. He also does what is best for Rose even though neither of them like it. Basically The Doctor was a great Role Model in Season Four. I give him a 10/10 on his role model quality.

Season Four specials were a bit of a different story. His actions like the “Time Lord victorious” had good intents, but ended up being a failure. “The Waters of Mars” over all was a pretty depressing episode. Not to mention it was kind of scary. The Doctor did try to save everyone, so he does get some points for that. Season four specials were basically The Doctor trying not to die. Spoilers, he dies. In the end he ends up once again sacrificing himself for someone he cares about. He has a horrible attitude while doing though. Instead of saying “Wilfred, you are my friend of course I’ll save you!” he’s screams “I can do so much more!” and has a bit of a temper tantrum. After that he tells Wilfred that “it’s an honor to die for him”, but that doesn’t make up for his temper tantrum. In the end he helped all of his companions he had during his tenth incarnation. He even ended up saving some of their lives. The Doctor was a pretty good role model in season four specials, but he was also really depressing. The Doctor in season four specials gets an 8.5/10. He was still a good role model, but not quite as good as season four. In all the Tenth Doctor gets a 7.5/10. He was a decent role model, but far from the best.

Season Five started off with The Eleventh Doctor telling a little girl he’d be back in five minutes, then leaving for twelve whole years. He then says he’ll be right back and returns another whole two years later. Oh, and let’s not forget when he told his companion’s fiancé that he kissed her. He then let her fiancé get wiped out of existence. Poor Rory. In the end of the season he once again sacrificed himself for his companions and future wife. If Amy didn’t remember him then he would have had never existed. Like usual in season five The Doctor saved tons of people, and even a star whale. He also attempted to change Vincent Van Gogh’s future by showing him how much people will love him one day. “Vincent and The Doctor” was one of the most emotional episodes of New Who. The Eleventh Doctor did have some moments in Season Five where you may think he’s a really bad role model, but he truly was a wonderful person that everyone should strive to be. He put himself first, and tried to change history just to save Vincent’s life. I give The Doctor in season five a 9/10 on his role model quality.

Season Six starts out with “A Christmas Carol” this is personally one of my favorite episodes. In this episode The Doctor travels back in time every year on Christmas to help make an old man’s life better. He also saves 4,000 people from dying in a space liner crash. In this season The Doctor takes Rory and Amy back to Earth to save them before they are end up killed while traveling with him. He also makes sure to check up on one old friend, Craig, before it’s too late. There are not many points in Season Six when The Doctor is a bad influence. In this season he pretty much always does the right thing. The Doctor in season six gets a 9.5/10 on his role model quality.

Last but not least, we have season seven. Part A of season seven was short, yet heart breaking for some viewers. In these five episodes The Doctor of course tries to always do the right thing and help everyone. Except, in the first episode of the season, “Asylum of The Daleks”, when he finds out that the girl who helped him was really a Dalek. Instead of saving her he just left her to die. I’m not saying that Oswin should have become a companion, but he at least could have brought her to safety before the planet exploded. He also ends up ditching Amy and Rory in “Power of Three” when he has to leave them on their own just because he can’t stand to be in one place for too long. He’s like the universe’s oldest three year old. Things go rapidly downhill after “The Angels Take Manhattan”. After Amy and Rory were sent to a time The Doctor couldn’t reach he became depressed for a hundred or so years. He ended up making his friends go out of their ways just to help him. Luckily a girl named Clara gets him out of his slump before she sadly dies. It turns out that there is another Clara in the future! In the second part of season seven The Doctor and Clara travel space and time together. The save tons of people together and even take the kids that Clara is babysitting on the best field trip ever. They do almost get killed, but they got to fly in an antigravity ride. I would almost die any day if it meant I could go on an antigravity ride in the middle of a giant amusement park. In the end, The Eleventh Doctor spends what he thinks is the last 600 years of his last life protecting a small town called Trenzalore. He does end up being kind of rude to Clara, but it was for her benefit. If she has stayed with him she would have died, and if he hadn’t stayed then a whole town would have died. The Doctor was a bit of a bad role model towards the middle of season seven, but he did the right thing in the end. The Doctor in season seven gets an 8.5/10 on his role model quality.

So is he a good or bad role model? If you take the average of all of my personal ratings I gave him he gets a (drumroll please) 9.35/10! That’s would equal an A on a school grading scale. Based on how The Doctor acted in seasons one through seven, I would say that he is a good role model. He does have some scenes where he could be considered a bad influence, but in all he is a pretty good role model. He almost always does the right thing and he always puts his friends first. I believe that if we all make The Doctor our role model that the world would be a better place.

Editorial written by Nicole Gormey

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  1. teddybowties
    July 1st, 2014 at 9.56pm | #1

    Me too! Nice job. So many times things happen that drive people apart, and so many times those things arre a part of nature that can neither be denied or put away. They just have to be dealt with, from deep-rooted personality differences to sudden bursts of conflicting insight. Great job.

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