The Girl Who’s Waiting… for the 23rd August 2014

August 1st, 2014
Warning! This article and its comments may contain spoilers...

‘A new series of Doctor Who’ – these 6 words may seem simple enough, but for the average Whovian, they mean a whole new world of possibilities yet to be explored. They mean new dreams (and nightmares!) for children and adults alike across the world and the potential to see ‘something awesome’. But this year, it feels different. Series 8 still means all those things to fans but with the addition of something else. Peter Capaldi’s era is almost upon us and it really does feel like the dawn of a new age…

My preparation for series 8 started rather unconventionally and definitely with a bang! After applying for tickets, receiving them and waiting outside Elstree studios for 9 hours solid, my family and I were given the privilege to watch the unveiling of the 12th Doctor right from the front row and even meet the man himself afterwards! This added such a personal touch to this series in particular and after witnessing first hand Peter Capaldi’s passion for the show and kindness towards Doctor Who fans, I knew that they’d definitely found a winner in him. And I’m not alone in that opinion; the unveiling of a new Doctor usually brings with it a great amount of hostility from those Whovians who hate the idea of change, however the age of Capaldi seems to be welcomed wholeheartedly by both the media and fans alike. From his revelation on live TV, to the flash of his eyes in ‘The Day of The Doctor’ and finally his official debut on Christmas day, Peter Capaldi has slowly worked his way into our hearts and made them beat that little bit faster. So why has this series got us all so excited?

For starters, the 12th Doctor seems to herald not only a new series or a new incarnation, but a new age entirely. The fact that this regeneration defies the ancient laws of the Time Lords brings a whole new layer of interest to the show; fans find themselves asking ‘who exactly is this man?’ Is he still the same hero that we all know and love? And it’s not just us who require answers to these questions. From the unbearably small amount of footage we’ve been allowed to see from the official BBC trailers, we hear The Doctor asking Clara ‘am I a good man?’ We’re used to seeing The Doctor rediscover himself with every new regeneration but he’s always been aware of his values and history – but not this time. The Doctor seems to be a stranger, not only to us, but also to himself, which is the scariest and most exciting thing of all.

But, as important as he is, Doctor Who is more than just The Doctor on his own. Series 8 will see the return of Jenna Coleman as the much loved Clara Oswald and Whovians will be introduced to a new character in the form of Danny Pink, played by the hugely talented Samuel Anderson. One thing in particular that excites me about this new format is the possibility of seeing more of Clara’s personal background – her home life, her work life, her family life. We’ve been given small glimpses into her story, for example in the opening of ‘Rings of Akhaten’ and the various appearances by Angie and Arty but somehow she’s always felt like a fleeting companion, like she’s never fully committed herself to life aboard the TARDIS (does she even own a TARDIS key?). However, I’m looking forward to seeing episodes that are centred on Earth (and Coal Hill School in particular!) so that it feels as though The Doctor is stepping into Clara’s world as well as the other way around. Also, an exciting prospect for us as an audience is that our reliance on Clara will increase dramatically as she’ll be our one source of familiarity and trust; we’ll get to know the 12th Doctor through her eyes and she’ll be a real source of comfort to us in times of abnormality. The arrival of Danny Pink is also something that has got me counting down the days until the 23rd August. As someone who has seen his work in the past as Ross in Emmerdale, I can personally vouch for his acting skills but, putting the obvious to one side, what does the arrival of Danny Pink mean for the show? Well, it’s a return to the obviously winning combination of 2 companions (Amy and Rory – need I say more?) and it means a possible new dynamic between Clara and The Doctor, in other words, could he come between them or will his arrival bring them closer together? So many questions that will hopefully be answered during the course of the new series but, either way, I’m relishing the opportunity of getting to know both companions even better.

The run-up to series 8 has certainly been eventful for me this year and it’s all contributing to my immense excitement for the Capaldi era. From witnessing his unveiling live in the studio to watching filming in Cardiff first-hand, I’ve been lucky enough to see a tiny glimpse of what series 8 holds for us all and the future certainly looks bright. So many things are left unanswered at this moment in time as the 12th Doctor prepares to make his entrance into the Whoniverse but one thing I know for sure – I’ll be tuning in on Saturday 23rd August 2014 with my sonic at my side for the beginning of what promises to be a truly unforgettable era…

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