John in talks for Torchwood’s TV return?

July 24th, 2016
Warning! This article and its comments may contain spoilers...

John Barrowman has suggested that he is currently in talks to step back into the shoes of Captain Jack Harkness in a new TV series of Torchwood.

The Doctor Who spin off – which has been “in limbo” since its fourth series, Miracle Day, was aired to mixed reviews back in 2011 – currently survives in the form of its ongoing comic and audio adventures, which its leading star urges are “like a Kickstarter” to ensuring its televisual comeback. “If you buy the comics, you will be showing your support,” he said at San Diego Comic Con this weekend.

Never one to shy away from a cryptic tease or two (this is Barrowman we’re talking about, after all!), the actor also revealed that he had “a phone conversation on Monday” to discuss bringing it back to the small screen, something which his co-star Eve Myles has also continously expressed an interest in. Back in 2013, the Gwen Cooper actress affirmed that she keeps her “fingers crossed” for a fifth series. Do you agree? Cast your votes…

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5 comments on this article
  1. JC
    July 24th, 2016 at 11.44pm | #1

    I’d love to have Torchwood back, not Miracle Day, but I sadly doubt that they could recapture what made Series 1 and 2 special anymore.

    Adrift was brilliantly disturbing with real repercussions for the Adult Jonah. I can still remember the sound of his screams clearly.

    From Out Of The Rain was very atmospheric, creepy and distinctive.

    Out Of Time was one of my favourite episodes, because it had quite a lot of heart to it. It didn’t just show people that were wonderous at the future, it showed the repercussions to them of losing their families (in the past and in the present), everything they knew and everything that had made them who they were.

    Torchwood worked for me because of the atmosphere, the heart, the small, likeable team and the Hub. I don’t know if that can be recreated now. I’d like my Torchwood back, but even if it made it back to TV, that probably won’t happen.

  2. Steve
    July 27th, 2016 at 7.34pm | #2

    Perhaps they should bring Torchwood back with a new cast and not rehash the old!

  3. Patrick
    August 1st, 2016 at 9.43pm | #3

    bring jack and gwen back and bring in a couple of new characters so its mixed

  4. Albert
    August 13th, 2016 at 12.04am | #4

    I would love to see Ianto resurrected somehow. I loved that character and his death on Children of Earth ripped my heart

  5. Jeanee
    September 29th, 2016 at 11.43am | #5

    I enjoyed the premise of the series. To protect earth and the inhabitants by identifying and effectively confronting alien dynamics. Dynamics that threatened the health and well-being of all living things and people on earth. It was fun to watch because,threats were solved by a closely knit group of individuals known as, Torchwood.
    As a viewer, Torchwood, signified a torch lite,”within”,as well as,”between”, each person on the team. Many scenes utilized human insight and applied skills in addition to developing deeper moral shared-understandings. The “flame” or desire to uncover, “a truth”, helped the characters address cultural, social, and political issues,linked to the alien threat.
    I hope Season 5, has at least 13 episodes. As a series or ongoing story-line, Torchwood seems to offer an open-ended format that remains rich with opportunities. A writer’s, “field of exploration”. A screenplay in which actors can expand their charters in interesting arenas. As a viewer, I miss this series. Thanks for what was given…so far.
    Sincerely, Jeanee

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