Everything we know about Series 10 (so far!)

February 11th, 2017

We’re now officially 9 weeks away from the arrival of Series 10 of Doctor Who, which will officially kick off on BBC One on Saturday 15th April 2017.

That’s the first – if not the most important – thing we know about it; it’s air date, which the BBC has announced a lot earlier than usual to ensure that anticipation can reach an all time high as we eagerly await the Time Lord’s momentous return. It makes sense, really, seeing as he’s only appeared on our screen once in the last 14 months (not including his cameo in Class), so it’s about time he was back for good.

Capaldi’s comeback will be bittersweet this time around, of course, as it’s been announced that he’ll be handing over the reigns to the TARDIS in this year’s Christmas Special. Series 10 will be our last chance to enjoy a full series of his angry eyebrows, but you’ll be happy to hear that it’s already shaping up to be one of the best string of adventures yet. Here’s why…

Same Doctor, new companion!

It’s hard to remember a time when Pearl Mackie wasn’t being described as the “incoming companion”, and when Series 10 finally hits our screens on 15th April, it will nearly have been a whole year since her announcement during the FA Cup semi-final (and we’re still not over how random that whole thing was!).

It feels like we know her so well already, though, owing to the fact that she was introduced to us in the form of a specially recorded scene, and the first Series 10 trailer reformed that she’s in for one hell of a ride. She’s cool, strong, sharp, a little bit vulnerable with a bit of geekiness thrown in. Oh, and she serves chips. Bill Potts is ready. Are you?

All good things must come to an end

And Doctor Who fans know that better than most. We’ve already mentioned that Peter will be handing over the keys to the TARDIS this December (because nothing says festive spirit like getting your heart ripped to pieces on Christmas Day…) and, for the sake of our own emotional stability, we won’t bring it up again. Probably.

Peter won’t be the only one on his way out this yuletide season, though, as Steven Moffat will also be putting his unique creative stamp on the Whoniverse for the last time.

The 2017 Christmas Special will be his final episode as head writer and showrunner, and a little bird (ok, it was the raven that killed Clara – he’s actually quite nice, when you get to know him…) told us that he’s got some pretty big stuff planned for his final series.

Looking at everything he’s done to the series during his tenure thus far, we would expect nothing less. Bring it on!

Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer…

Part of the unequivocal joy of watching each new series of Doctor Who is meeting the menagerie of malevolent monsters that the universe has to offer, and Steven has never been one to do this by halves.

His imagination (which, quite obviously, has no bounds) has plucked up a host of formidable foes over the year and this looks set to continue in Series 10 as the Doctor and Bill will be coming face to face with some of the darkest forces that the show has ever seen. Unless they put it on at 6:30pm again.

Seriously, though, if tabloid reports are to be believed, a Thames-dwelling snake monster, giant woodlice and killer robots with  emoji faces are just some of the bodacious baddies that our honourable heroes will be encountering in the new series. By the sounds of it, they’ll have an awful lot of running to do. Well, duh

…especially the old ones!

Because the past is never out of sight for too long when the Doctor is concerned. It won’t just be new foes that will be doing their best to send us screaming behind the sofa in Series 10, as we’ll be reunited with some old ones, too!

As confirmed in Friends from the Future, the Daleks will be back ‘n’ bad at some point or another (but at this stage, they’re basically a given), and it’s just been confirmed that the Ice Warriors will also be making a comeback for the first time since their original NuWho debut back in Series 7.

And then, of course, there’s Missy. The Time Lady we all love to hate has once again set her sights on destroying the Doctor’s life, and seeing as this is the Twelfth Doctor’s final series (damn, we brought it up again – sorry!), the chance that she may/may not be playing a part in his impending regeneration is a fact that leaves us feeling particularly uneasy, to say the least. Only time will tell, of course. It always does…

And it’s just as exciting behind the camera…

With the Doctor’s 2017 on screen shenanigans shaping up to the biggest and most explosive to date, it seems that Steven Moffat has been pulling out all the stops behind the scenes, too. Well, he was never going to go out quietly, was he?

Things are looking very exciting indeed in the writing department, with regular contributors such as Mark Gatiss, Toby Whithouse and Jamie Mathieson all confirmed to be returning. Fresh from killing Clara in Series 9, Sarah Dollard will also be back to pen another adventure, while Frank Cottrell-Boyce and Mike Bartlett have also put pen to paper to help us see the universe anew. Classic and NuWho are also set to collide in a way never seen; Rona Munro, who wrote the 1989 serial Survival, has returned to write an episode of Series 10.

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  1. Paul Stirch
    February 13th, 2017 at 6.24pm | #1

    Well let’s hope that the Frank Cottrell-Boyce new episode is a damn sight better than the truly awful ‘In The Forest Of The Night’!! Other than that i’m quite happy with how the new season is shaping up; roll on April 15th!!

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