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June 3rd, 2017
Warning! This article and its comments may contain spoilers...

The world is gripped by a mass delusion and only Bill Potts can see the truth. When even the Doctor is fighting on the wrong side, it’s up to Bill to convince the Time Lord that humanity is in deadly danger. And if she can’t do that, she may just have to kill her best friend…

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  1. JC
    June 3rd, 2017 at 8.25pm | #1

    I’ll write a full review later on, but I just wanted to post that as a Revived Era fan, I loved that the TV that Bill watched in this episode was being sold in a Magpie’s Electricals store, first seen in the 10th Doctor episode “The Idiot’s Latern”.

  2. JC
    June 4th, 2017 at 9.17am | #2

    Full Review:

    As I said after the episode last night, I really liked that the TV that Bill watched was being sold in Magpie’s Electricals and that it had the same/similar storefront as the 50s one. I like little easter egg references like that to connect the current series to previous ones, as it reminds you that the current Doctor isn’t the only Doctor.

    I have to admit that I really don’t like when the Doctor treats regeneration in such a cavalier way. It started with the 11th Doctor healing River Song’s wrist, continued with the 12th Doctor feeding regeneration energy to Davros and the Daleks and continued in The Lie of The Land. I get that Steven Moffat has introduced countless things into Doctor Who lore that weren’t there before (Time Lords changing gender/ethnicity, breaking the regeneration limit, etc.), but I’ve always thought of regeneration as one of the biggest events in the show and in a Time Lord’s life. It’s the moment one incarnation dies and another is born. It feels wrong that he should spend regeneration energy as if it’s nothing and also that he should be able to turn regeneration on and off as if it were a tap. It was just ….. pointless really, a cynical way to get people talking.

    In a lot of ways, the episode reminded me of the ending of Series 3, but it was less impressive. Martha Jones spent a year travelling the world, Bill waited six months for the Doctor to do something. The Master was defeated by the collective thought power of the human race, The Monks were defeated by Bill and a mental image of her Mum. It just didn’t have the same kind of power.

    When I look at the last three episodes, it’s difficult to believe it took three episodes to tell that story. It wasn’t that big a story, it wasn’t that groundbreaking or explosive. I know that others on here and elsewhere won’t agree and that’s ok, but I found it to be quite a dull storyline with an uninspiring resolution and I’m surprised that in a series with such a limited number of episodes, they would use a quarter of them on this story.

    They weren’t bad episodes as such, I’ve seen worse, they were just … bland. If others were able to enjoy them though, that’s something.

  3. Valcoor
    June 8th, 2017 at 4.05am | #3

    All in all, I thought it was a pretty good episode. BUT, I have 1 question,,,, Were those real tears from Missy, or were they crocodile tears?

  4. Steve
    June 8th, 2017 at 6.02pm | #4

    All in all, the weakest espied this season, overall slow but rushed at the end. However, saying that this is far better than the usual garbage we have suffered under Moffat! There is hope for the rest of the season!

  5. Ryan
    June 25th, 2017 at 2.57pm | #5

    I agree, i feel bad for Capaldi as he has to suffer from so much hate about his episodes when, in truth, he’s done the best he can with a terrible script after having his dreams of becoming the doctor squashed by moffat’s inability to adapt to the fact that capaldi’s acting style is different to Matt smith’s!

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