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May 31st, 2017
Warning! This article and its comments may contain spoilers...

Series 10 continues this weekend and nothing is as it seems as the human race finds itself gripped by a mass delusion in The Lie of the Land.

One thing you can depend on, though, is our 10 exclusive teasers for the episode in question, however we’ve also thrown a tiny little fib into the mix (naturally) for good measure. Just ’cause.

Now, do as you’re told and let us know what you make of the hints below. Which one do you think is the red herring?

  1. “The Monks have been with us from the beginning…”
  2. Daleks and Cybermen and Weeping Angels, oh my!
  3. The Doctor’s on fire. Literally. The ************ was a little too much, though…
  4. “You couldn’t even get on Celebrity Love Island.”
  5. Missy cries. Actual tears. And no, this isn’t the red herring. Or is it…?
  6. Bill punches Nardole. Twice. It was only a matter of time…
  7. Man, this really is the series of misdirection, isn’t it?
  8. Nardole loses another body part. Now he’s just getting careless…
  9. There’s a cool little ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ throwback to Series 2.
  10. Oh, Bill. We hardly knew ye. It probably isn’t worth her starting any long books…

It was the end of the world as we know it… Rate and Discuss the latest episode »

May 25th, 2017
Warning! This article and its comments may contain spoilers...

Series 10 continues this weekend as the countdown to armageddon begins in The Pyramid at the End of the World.

It’s basically the end of the human race as we know it. Fear not, though, as we’re here to help you prepare for doomsday with our 10 exclusive teasers – including one red herring – for the upcoming episode. What can you deduct, and which do you think is the lie?

The episode airs on Saturday at  7:45pm on BBC One.

  1. If last week’s episode confused you, the first minute of this one should help clear things up.
  2. Nardole isn’t just sexy, you know. He’s excellent at hacking into CCTV cameras, too.
  3. Bill’s second – well, first – date with Penny gets rudely interrupted.
  4. Check the time on your phone. Tick tock goes the Doomsday Clock…
  5. A familiar face from UNIT makes an unexpected appearance.
  6. “I wouldn’t have even voted for the President. He’s ******.”
  7. Move over, Bill. It looks like the Doctor has just found himself a new companion.
  8. “The end of your life has already begun.” Oh, Doctor. Say it isn’t so!
  9. The Monks are back, but they’ve really been here all along…
  10. Another week, another cliffhanger. And this one is a doozy.

Never judge a book by its cover… Click here to rate the latest episode, Extremis »

May 18th, 2017
Warning! This article and its comments may contain spoilers...

Doctor Who continues this weekend and things take a turn for the worse for our heroes as Series 10 reaches its epic halfway point.

To get you ready for the shocks that lie ahead in Extremis (and believe us when we say that there’s plenty of ‘em!), take a look at our 10 exclusive teasers – including one red herring – and let us know what you can deduct, and which you think is the fib, in the comments section.

Extremis airs on Saturday at 7:25pm on BBC One.

  1. If you’re going into this episode anticipating Missy’s return, you won’t have to wait very long at all. Like, at all.
  2. For a forbidden library, the security sure is lax. Where’s River Song when you need her?
  3. Oh, there she is. Didn’t anyone ever tell you that it’s rude to read somebody else’s diary, Nardole?
  4. Bill finds a book written by her future self in the library.
  5. 36. 17. 9. 48. 103. 1,000,000.
  6. “Teach me how to be good.”
  7. Nardole was right.
  8. Nothing is as it seems. And we mean nothing.
  9. We finally discover what’s inside the Vault, and it’ll blow your mind. That is, if you haven’t you figured it out yet
  10. And you thought last week’s cliffhanger was dramatic…

The void is waiting, and so is our discussion! Review the latest episode, Oxygen »

May 11th, 2017
Warning! This article and its comments may contain spoilers...

Doctor Who continues this weekend as our heroes embark on a deep space adventure in Oxygen, and time isn’t the only thing that’s running out.

To prepare you for the thriller that lies ahead, take a deep breath as you check out our 10 tantalising teasers below. As always, one of them is a red herring, and you can let us know which one you think is the fib in the comments.

Oxygen airs on Saturday at the slightly earlier time of 7:15pm on BBC One. Watch the trailer here.

  1. “So, how does space kill you?”
  2. The Doctor gets a new theme tune.
  3. Capitalism in space. It’s The Apprentice meets Interstellar.
  4. Nardole refuses to leave the Vault unguarded so flies the TARDIS back to Earth.
  5. And you thought the sound of Cybermen stomping was scary…
  6. Bill asks what you’ve (probably) always wondered about wearing a space helmet.
  7. The Doctor faces one of his greatest challenges yet… for real this time. But he isn’t going to let it slow him down.
  8. “Not bad for a ***** man.”
  9. Best. Group Hug. Ever.
  10. It ends with one of the most shocking/worrying cliffhangers to date. You won’t know what to think…

The Landlord came a-callin’ in Knock Knock. Rate & Discuss the latest episode –>

May 6th, 2017
Warning! This article and its comments may contain spoilers...

The Doctor and Bill return to our screens tonight and creaky floorboards are the least of their worries when they encounter the sinister Landlord in Knock Knock.

To whet your appetites ahead of the terrifying adventure (honestly, it’s one of the scariest episodes yet – read our full advanced preview here!), we bring you 9 tantalising teasers and one cheeky red herring to keep you guessing until 7:20pm.

Let us know which you think is the fib in the comments…

  1. Who needs to sleep? It’s for tortoises, apparently.
  2. “A ********. What is this, Scotland?”
  3. The Doctor loves Chinese food. Who knew?
  4. The Doctor and Bill’s friends made a revealing game of ‘I Have Never’.
  5. Bill’s embarrassed by her Spotify playlist.
  6. “I’m ******.” “Don’t be.” “Why not?” “It doesn’t help.”
  7. Where are Ant and Dec when you need them?
  8. Father knows best. Or does he?
  9. Whatever – or whoever – is inside the Vault is an excellent musician.
  10. Turns out, you don’t have to go to outer space to find monsters.

Get ready to delve beneath the Thin Ice to Rate & Discuss last week’s episode –>

April 29th, 2017
Warning! This article and its comments may contain spoilers...

Doctor Who continues tonight and this week it’s out with the future and in with the past as the Doctor and Bill Potts journey to London in 1841.

To whet your appetites for Thin Ice, check out our 10 teasers for the episode below. One of them is a red herring (it would be too easy, otherwise!), and you can let us know which one you think it is in the comments.

The adventure airs at 7:20pm on BBC One, and you can read WhovianNet’s advanced spoiler-free preview here.

  1. “She’s a bad girl, this one. Always looking for trouble…”
  2. The Doctor gets to ride on the back of the elephant.
  3. Who’s Pete?
  4. First door on the left, second right, under the stairs, past the bins, fifth door on the left.
  5. The Doctor gets down with the kids and it will both cringe and delight in equal measure.
  6. In one scene, Bill comes very close to breaking the watershed.
  7. The frost fair festivities end with an almighty bang. Almost.
  8. The Doctor should probably keep an eye on Greenland.
  9. “Knocking? What’s that about?”
  10. Whoever – or whatever – lies inside the Vault is starting to get cocky.

“Welcome to paradise!” Keep smiling as you Rate & Discuss this week’s episode »

April 21st, 2017
Warning! This article and its comments may contain spoilers...

The adventure continues this weekend and we’ve 10 exclusive teasers to help you Smile ahead of the Doctor and Bill’s journey to a futuristic human colony.

Well, 9 teasers and one red herring, so check out the hints below and let us know which one you think is the fib in the comments section.

The episode airs tomorrow night at 7:20pm on BBC One, and you can check out its trailer and then read our advanced spoiler-free preview here.

  1. There’s a knock on the TARDIS door… and it’s the Doctor’s mum!
  2. He’s not Scottish, he’s just cross.
  3. “Welcome to paradise.”
  4. The Doctor has a really childish impulse to blow something up.
  5. “There’s probably an app for that.”
  6. Bill gets into trouble for ‘checking in’ from the future on Facebook.
  7. The Doctor met an Emperor made of algae once. He fancied him.
  8. The Doctor and Bill encounter a skeleton crew. In the literal sense.
  9. The Doctor is an awesome tutor.
  10. The Doctor and Bill are home in time for tea. The long way round.

“Doctor what?” Click here to Rate and Discuss the Series 10 premiere, The Pilot »

April 13th, 2017
Warning! This article and its comments may contain spoilers...

The Series 10 premiere, The Pilot, will finally grace our screens this weekend, and WhovianNet has got 10 teasers to whet your appetites!

You can read what we thought of the episode itself here (spoilers: we loved it!), but if you like your previews shorter and more to the point, take a gander at our 10 exclusive hints below…

Make that 9 hints, as one of them is a red herring, just to keep you on your toes. But which one is the lie?

  1. Nardole is back and this time, he’s got a screw loose.
  2. Never underestimate a crush.
  3. “Imagine, just imagine, how it would feel if someone did this to you.”
  4. The electric guitar makes its grand comeback.
  5. The Doctor, Bill and Nardole take a fleeting trip to Australia.
  6. You’ll never look at puddles or showers in the same way. Or water in general, really.
  7. There’s something wrong with Bill’s reflection.
  8. “I know you’re not exactly a sci-fi person…”
  9. The Doctor makes an awkward entrance at a Freshers’ foam party.
  10. The TARDIS has its very own macaroon dispenser.

The Pilot premieres on Saturday at 7:20pm and you can read our advanced preview here.

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