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July 16th, 2017
Warning! This article and its comments may contain spoilers...

After weeks and months of fevered speculation, it’s hard to believe that we’re now just hours away from finding out the identity of the Thirteenth Doctor.

Now that Peter Capaldi has filmed his final scenes for this year’s Christmas Special, the new Chris Chibnall era is about to mark its first milestone with the announcement of its honourable hero. And as first milestones go, this is a pretty big one. It’s the most closely guarded secret in TV, but who is about to take over the mantle of TV’s favourite Time Lord? Here’s our list of the most popular candidates…

Kris Marshall

Well, we might as well start with the most obvious. You’d have to have been living under a rock to not know that Kris Marshall has been front-running the race since betting was suspended on him back in March. All he did was quit his leading role in Death in Paradise – which he starred in for three series – at the same time that Peter Capaldi announced his departure (coincidence?), and all of a sudden it was common knowledge – albeit the type that isn’t based on any actual facts – that the My Family star was taking over the TARDIS. He denied it, of course, but actors lying about their involvement in Doctor Who is basically rule one.

Tom Weston-Jones

Speculation about who will take on the guise of the Thirteenth Doctor has been rife since Peter revealed that he was stepping down, but the rumours have actually been flying a lot longer than that.

Back in January 2016, Tom Weston-Jones emerged as a very early favourite to take over the show’s reigns from its incumbent incarnation, who was at that point yet to even confirm his exit. Why waste time, eh?

Not much has been heard from the Dickensian actor since, but we’re still keeping an eye on him…

Idris Elba

Because let’s face it, which role isn’t Idris Elba in the running for? His name is guaranteed to pop up whenever a new Doctor is waiting in the wings (or whenever there’s a vacancy in any other show/film ever), so it’s no surprise to see him back on the board this time round. He has secured the support of Series 9 guest star Maisie Williams, who reckons the Luther star would bring a “really cool” vibe to the temperament of TV’s favourite Time Lord. He might just have bigger fish to fry, though, if these ever persistent Bond rumours amount to anything. Franchises, eh? You can’t front ‘em all.

Tilda Swinton

While the call for a female Doctor is by no means a new notion, the campaign certainly seems to have intensified for Number 13. It’s an unlucky number for some but it definitely wouldn’t be for Tilda Swinton (erm, that’s the Academy Award winning Tilda Swinton to you), who has been feverishly flying the flag to become the first ever female Doctor – whether she wants to be or not. She’s got Ingrid Oliver’s blessing, and Billie Piper has also gone on record to state that casting anybody but a female would “be a snub”. Wow, Billie. Tell us what you really think, why don’t you? Jokes. She’s Rose Tyler and she can say whatever she bloody wants, you hear me?!

Damien Molony

No stranger to the reputable realms of cult TV fantasy, Damien Molony is perhaps best known for his portrayal of Hal Yorke in the BBC Three series Being Human. The show gave him plenty of things to get his teeth into (ICYMI, he was a vampire), so much so that creator Toby Whithouse thinks he has more than paid his dramatic dues to take on the mighty Time Lord baton, describing him as a “terrific” actor. Toby, who is a frequent Doctor Who writer, has also named Chiwetel Ejiofor as his second choice. But if he returns to pen an adventure for Series 11, will he be writing for his dream Doctor? Time will tell. It usually does.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge

Having just finished filming the upcoming untitled Han Solo film, due to hit cinemas next May, it looks like Phoebe Waller-Bridge has set her sights on conquering another formidable sci-fi franchise, now that she’s been bitten by the bug. That is, if the recent claim that she’s been cast as the Thirteenth Doctor isn’t just another case of clickbait…

The actress received a flurry of bets to her name back in April and her proposed casting was even picked up on a recent episode of Newsnight which suggested that she had “accidentally outed herself” during an online interview. Oops.

Sacha Dhawan

If you recognise Sacha Dhawan, it’s probably because he contributed to the 50th anniversary festivities back in 2013 when he portrayed Doctor Who’s first ever director, Waris Hussein, in the docudrama An Adventure in Space and Time. Having already left his mark on the Whoniverse, he might just be about to take over the whole show, but he’s just as “honoured” to have even be considered. “It’s quite a lot of pressure,” he said earlier this year. “But I think I’d bring something exciting to it.” It’s better to have been rumoured to be the next Doctor, than to never have been rumoured to be the next Doctor at all. They say that, right?

Jodie Whittaker

Last but by no means least is a relatively late entry to the race, but a serious contender nonetheless.

Like, a seriously serious contender. In fact, Jodie Whittaker is currently the bookies’ joint favourite to take over the role, which puts her neck in neck with Kris Marshall as far as the whimsical world of betting is concerned.

It’s worth pointing out that she’s worked with Chris Chibnall before, too, having starred as the formidable Beth Latimer in his acclaimed crime drama, Broadchurch. But is she about to be entrusted with the keys to the TARDIS?

Should the next Doctor be a female? Join the debate in our dedicated discussion…

April 14th, 2017

Doctor Who returns for a brand new series tomorrow night in an episode simply titled The Pilot.

All will become clear when you see it for yourself, but the title is also an allusion to the fact that the Series 10 premiere has been billed (Bill – see what we did there?!) as the perfect starting point for new viewers.

It did get us a-thinkin’ about the actual Doctor Who pilot, though, which we decided to revisit ahead of the show’s latest televisual return.

It’s the one that started it all, as it were, although it was never actually aired as part of the series itself. This pilot version was filmed as a studio rehearsal in September 1963 and the episode was reshot and developed into the first serial, An Unearthly Child, before it went to air in November. The rest, as they say, is history. Let’s go back to the beginning, shall we?

1. The Now Iconic Opening Scene

While this opening scene is pretty underwhelming when you compare it to today’s TV standards, it’s simplicity is what makes it so brilliantly, quintessentially Who.

There were some alterations made to the set for the actual first episode, but the premise remained the same. A policeman stumbles into 76 Totter’s Lane where a seemingly ordinary police box is hidden away in the shadows. It was the beginning of the world’s greatest sci-fi series and it all started out as a mild curiosity in a junkyard. The theme tune playing in the background is just the icing on the cake.

2. Susan’s Sass

While it’s often claimed that the purpose of Doctor Who companions back in the day was to look pretty, there is much to be said about the initial characterisation of the show’s first ever leading lady, Carole Ann Ford.

Introduced as an enigmatic pupil with knowledge way beyond her years, Susan Foreman caught the eye of two particularly suspicious teachers, Barbara and Ian, who were so intrigued by her otherworldly presence that they actually followed her home to find out what she was hiding. And aren’t they just glad that they did?

Susan’s sass levels are on point. She’s definitely her grandfather’s granddaughter…

3. The Doctor’s Understated Entrance

These days, the Doctor is partial to arriving on the back of a tank whilst playing the electric guitar, so it’s hard to believe that there was ever a time he was able to enter a room without all of the accompanying fanfare. To be fair, though, he’s earned it.

This was exactly the case in the pilot, in which William Hartnell’s inceptive incarnation of the now legendary Time Lord made his on screen debut with a cough rather than an explosion. Oh, how times change.

It’s also a whole 14 minutes until he actually appears, with the story being told through the eyes of his imminent companions, which only adds to the mystery of who the hell the show is even supposed to be about. 54 year later and we’re still not 100% sure.

4. The First Time We See Inside The TARDIS

Shock horror! Turns out, it isn’t just an ordinary police box after all. And guess what else? It’s bigger on the inside! Although, arguably, not as big as it is these days.

Barbara and Ian got more than they bargained for when they stepped through those doors, although their assumption that it was all simply an illusion is considerably tame compared to some of the reactions that have followed over the years. Just wait until you see Bill’s…

5. The Melodramatic Final Scene

Suffice to say, it all gets very heated when the Doctor threatens to keep Barbara and Ian prisoner to prevent his secrets from being exposed.

This melodrama was to become a staple of Classic Who, and some would argue that it’s carried itself over into the modern adventures, too. Admit it, though, you wouldn’t have it any other way.

What do you love about the pilot? Get nostalgic and let us know in the comments!

March 11th, 2017
Warning! This article and its comments may contain spoilers...

With the brand new series of Doctor Who now just over a month away, anticipation for our beloved Time Lord’s grand televisual comeback is well and truly reaching fever pitch.

While his latest string of adventures remain an enigma wrapped in a mystery (what else is new?), there’s already lots for us to be excited about, including an incoming companion, the return of friends and foes alike, and the added sense of impending doom as a result of it being both Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat’s final full series at the helm of the TARDIS. Deep breaths, everybody, we’re in this together…

Because we never need an excuse to remind ourselves of the good times that lie ahead, here are 5 things we’re most looking forward to in Series 10. 5 things for the 5 weeks that remain. See, it’s exciting and topical. The best kind of countdown. You can thank us later.

1. “I’m Bill. I serve chips.”

Oh, but Bill, you’re so much more than that! Exactly what we’re not sure yet, but it’s safe to say that her life will change in unimaginable ways when she finally steps aboard the TARDIS to see the universe anew on 15th April. And she wouldn’t miss it for the world. Even if it kills her. Whatever that means…

Seriously, though. It doesn’t get much more exciting than kicking off a brand new series with a brand new companion to boot. Well, apart from kicking off a brand new series with a brand new Doctor, but we’ll get to that next year. For now, welcome aboard, Bill Potts!

2. “The bitch is back.”

Missy’s words, not ours! Although the full extent of her involvement in the new series remains to be seen, we know that she’ll definitely be back to rule another day (or at least try to…) in the two-part finale.

She was last seen in The Witch’s Familiar, in which she had a very good idea, so we dread to think what she’s got up her sleeve this time round. Missiles, probably.

3. Out with the new, in with the old…

That’s right, folks. The Mondasian Cybermen are BACK! First introduced in The Tenth Planet, the metal monsters have come a long way since their initial encounter with the First Doctor, so we’re looking forward to seeing them stripped back to basics in this year’s series finale. It’s Peter Capaldi’s dream come true, and it’s probably yours, too.

It’s the opposite of an upgrade, but it’s certainly a *stomp* in the right direction. Did you see what we did there?

4. Guessssss who’sssss back…

Yup, Missy and the Mondasian Cybermen aren’t the only familiar foes heading back to our screens in Series 10. The Ice Warriors -last seen in Cold War – will also be back. This time, though, with a twist. Love a twist.

According to writer Mark Gatiss, there will be something different about the reptilian rascals this time round, as “a new kind of Ice Warrior” is unleashed unto the world. Make of that what you will…

5. Shocks and surprises and twists, oh my!

If we’ve learned anything from Steven Moffat’s tenure thus far, it’s that it’s impossible to predict what he’s got in store. As his final full series as showrunner, though, this year the stakes are higher than ever. No doubt he’ll leave us shaking our fists in a combined outburst of rage and contentment. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. #BringItOn

What are you most looking forward to in Series 10? Let us know in the comments.

Watch the BRAND NEW Series 10 trailer! You won’t want to miss it for the world…

February 11th, 2017

We’re now officially 9 weeks away from the arrival of Series 10 of Doctor Who, which will officially kick off on BBC One on Saturday 15th April 2017.

That’s the first – if not the most important – thing we know about it; it’s air date, which the BBC has announced a lot earlier than usual to ensure that anticipation can reach an all time high as we eagerly await the Time Lord’s momentous return. It makes sense, really, seeing as he’s only appeared on our screen once in the last 14 months (not including his cameo in Class), so it’s about time he was back for good.

Capaldi’s comeback will be bittersweet this time around, of course, as it’s been announced that he’ll be handing over the reigns to the TARDIS in this year’s Christmas Special. Series 10 will be our last chance to enjoy a full series of his angry eyebrows, but you’ll be happy to hear that it’s already shaping up to be one of the best string of adventures yet. Here’s why…

Same Doctor, new companion!

It’s hard to remember a time when Pearl Mackie wasn’t being described as the “incoming companion”, and when Series 10 finally hits our screens on 15th April, it will nearly have been a whole year since her announcement during the FA Cup semi-final (and we’re still not over how random that whole thing was!).

It feels like we know her so well already, though, owing to the fact that she was introduced to us in the form of a specially recorded scene, and the first Series 10 trailer reformed that she’s in for one hell of a ride. She’s cool, strong, sharp, a little bit vulnerable with a bit of geekiness thrown in. Oh, and she serves chips. Bill Potts is ready. Are you?

All good things must come to an end

And Doctor Who fans know that better than most. We’ve already mentioned that Peter will be handing over the keys to the TARDIS this December (because nothing says festive spirit like getting your heart ripped to pieces on Christmas Day…) and, for the sake of our own emotional stability, we won’t bring it up again. Probably.

Peter won’t be the only one on his way out this yuletide season, though, as Steven Moffat will also be putting his unique creative stamp on the Whoniverse for the last time.

The 2017 Christmas Special will be his final episode as head writer and showrunner, and a little bird (ok, it was the raven that killed Clara – he’s actually quite nice, when you get to know him…) told us that he’s got some pretty big stuff planned for his final series.

Looking at everything he’s done to the series during his tenure thus far, we would expect nothing less. Bring it on!

Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer…

Part of the unequivocal joy of watching each new series of Doctor Who is meeting the menagerie of malevolent monsters that the universe has to offer, and Steven has never been one to do this by halves.

His imagination (which, quite obviously, has no bounds) has plucked up a host of formidable foes over the year and this looks set to continue in Series 10 as the Doctor and Bill will be coming face to face with some of the darkest forces that the show has ever seen. Unless they put it on at 6:30pm again.

Seriously, though, if tabloid reports are to be believed, a Thames-dwelling snake monster, giant woodlice and killer robots with  emoji faces are just some of the bodacious baddies that our honourable heroes will be encountering in the new series. By the sounds of it, they’ll have an awful lot of running to do. Well, duh

…especially the old ones!

Because the past is never out of sight for too long when the Doctor is concerned. It won’t just be new foes that will be doing their best to send us screaming behind the sofa in Series 10, as we’ll be reunited with some old ones, too!

As confirmed in Friends from the Future, the Daleks will be back ‘n’ bad at some point or another (but at this stage, they’re basically a given), and it’s just been confirmed that the Ice Warriors will also be making a comeback for the first time since their original NuWho debut back in Series 7.

And then, of course, there’s Missy. The Time Lady we all love to hate has once again set her sights on destroying the Doctor’s life, and seeing as this is the Twelfth Doctor’s final series (damn, we brought it up again – sorry!), the chance that she may/may not be playing a part in his impending regeneration is a fact that leaves us feeling particularly uneasy, to say the least. Only time will tell, of course. It always does…

And it’s just as exciting behind the camera…

With the Doctor’s 2017 on screen shenanigans shaping up to the biggest and most explosive to date, it seems that Steven Moffat has been pulling out all the stops behind the scenes, too. Well, he was never going to go out quietly, was he?

Things are looking very exciting indeed in the writing department, with regular contributors such as Mark Gatiss, Toby Whithouse and Jamie Mathieson all confirmed to be returning. Fresh from killing Clara in Series 9, Sarah Dollard will also be back to pen another adventure, while Frank Cottrell-Boyce and Mike Bartlett have also put pen to paper to help us see the universe anew. Classic and NuWho are also set to collide in a way never seen; Rona Munro, who wrote the 1989 serial Survival, has returned to write an episode of Series 10.

January 9th, 2017
Warning! This article and its comments may contain spoilers...

Ah, 2017. The year in which we’ll finally get a brand new full series of Doctor Who, after last year’s prolonged hiatus. It’s not all bad news, is it?

The truth is, though, even if Doctor Who isn’t on our screens, its cast members are always popping up in one thing or another. Oftentimes, our favourite stars of time and space bid farewell to the world’s longest running sci-fi series and go on to achieve bigger and better things. In fact, the next 12 months are already bursting at the brim with shows and films featuring our honourable heroes.

For a taste of what’s to come, here are just 5 of WhovianNet’s top picks of things starring Doctor Who actors that you should definitely be watching in 2017. From dramas on the small and big screen, it turns out there really is life after the TARDIS after all… Who knew?!

1. David Tennant in the Final Series of Broadchurch

Everybody loves a murder mystery and they don’t get much better – and not to mention mysterious – than this.

Doctor Who fans know painfully well that all good things must come to an end and 2017 will be the final curtain call for everybody’s favourite detective duo (OK, second favourite – sorry Sherlock and Watson!) as Broadchurch returns to ITV for its third and last series.

David Tennant has established a habit for fronting critically acclaimed dramas but nobody could’ve predicted how much of a storm this particular one would go on to make when it first aired back in 2013. Alex Hardy and Ellie Miller made for must see TV and even Torchwood’s very own Eve Myles joined the party for Series 2. Other familiar Whoniverse faces include Arthur Darvill, Jonathan Bailey and Meera Syal.

If previous series are anything to go by, it’s impossible to predict what Series 3 will have in store, but we’re sure incoming Doctor Who showrunner Chris Chibnall will have some last minute shocks and surprises up his sleeve. As the tagline affirms, “Here we suffered grief and pain. Here we meet to part again”.

It’s gonna be totes emosh.

David’s return in Broadchurch Series 3 is set to air on ITV next month. Series 1 and 2 are available to buy and download.

2. Jenna Coleman in Series 2 of Victoria

Jenna Coleman broke the heart of the nation when she faced the raven at the end of Series 9 (we’re still not over it!), but her fans didn’t have much time to miss her as she was back on our screens before they could say “Run, you clever boy…”.

The actress went from one epic drama to another when she took on the guise of Queen Victoria herself in ITV’s 8-part drama. The series depicted the ups and downs of Britain’s then longest serving monarch (apparently, it isn’t as easy at it looks!) and it proved to be such a hit that it’ll be returning for a second series and a festive special later this year. Because nothing quite says Christmas like a visit to Buckingham Palace. God save our gracious Queen!

Jenna’s performance received particular praise, so much so that she’s nominated at this year’s National Television Awards, where the series itself is also up for Most Popular Period Drama. Whovians, you know what to do…

Victoria returns for its second series later this year. Series 1 is available to buy and download.

3. Matt Smith in Series 2 of The Crown

If you’ve already binge-watched this epic new Netflix series, then you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. If you haven’t (where the hell have you been?!), then you’ve still got plenty of time to catch up before the already eagerly anticipated second series drops in November.

In a nutshell, the series depicts the early reign of Queen Elizabeth II and the Eleventh Doctor actor completes the royal line up as her honourable husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

If that’s not enough to whet your appetites, the first series has just won the Golden Globe for Best Television Series, which is basically like a televisual knighthood. There was a Best Actress gong for its leading lady, Claire Foy, too, so you’re in good hands. Maybe Matt will be able to take home a prize for Series 2…

Series 2 of The Crown will be released globally on Netflix in November. Series 1 is available to stream now.

4. Freema Agyeman in Series 2 of Sense8

From one Netflix hit to another! It really is the place to be at the moment, isn’t it?

If you’re a fan of the Matrix trilogy, you’ve no doubt already jumped on the ever growing Sense8 bandwagon (it was written and produced by the creators of the Keanu Reeves helmed franchise), but it’s never too late to join the party, especially as its second series is just around the corner.

The ambitious sci-fi drama follows the lives of eight strangers across the world who suddenly become linked mentally, but there’s at least one familiar face in the ensemble as Freema Agyeman plays series regular Amanita who is about as kick ass as they get. Plus, her hair is purple. What more could you possibly want?!

Viewer discretion is advised…

See Freema in Sense8 Series 2 when it’s released globally on Netflix on 5th May 2017. Series 1, and the 2016 Christmas Special, are available to stream now.

5. Karen Gillan in the new Jumanji

It’s been hard to keep up with Karen Gillan since she bid farewell to the TARDIS back in 2012. After deciding that one formidable fantasy franchise just wasn’t enough, she took on the role of malevolent mercenary Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy (she’s the blue one!) and somehow found the time to front her own US sitcom along the way. Because why the hell not?

This year, though, it’s all about reinvention. The Amy Pond actress has joined the cast of the upcoming Jumanji continuation which will introduce the iconic 1995 adventure, starring the late Robin Williams, to a new generation. And let’s face it, all of its existing fans are pretty damn excited, too.

If that wasn’t enough, she’ll be co-starring alongside Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black and Nick Jonas in the fantasy adventure, in which her character, Martha, will be transformed into an amazonian warrior when she’s sucked into the game for those who seek to find a way to leave the world behind. And yes, there has already been controversy about what she’ll be wearing in the jungle (see above). It’s like 2010 all over again…

Karen returns to the big screen in Jumanji on 22nd December 2017.

Which of the above are you most looking forward to? And are there any other TV series or films starring Doctor Who actors that you’re excited to watch this year? Let us know below!

December 24th, 2016

It’s Christmas Eve which means that the Doctor’s long awaited comeback in The Return of Doctor Mysterio is just around the corner!

The arrival of a Doctor Who Christmas Special is always an auspicious occasion (especially when it’s the only new episode of the year!), and to help us prepare for its premiere, we embarked on a mission to rank the previous festive episodes from best to not-so best, and the results are in!

Check ‘em below, and thanks to everybody who voted.

11. The Next Doctor (1%)

2008 was an epic year for Doctor Who so it was only fitting that it culminated with the return of one of the show’s most iconic adversaries, the Cybermen. The stomping metal monsters were the least of the Tenth Doctor’s worries, though, as his arrival in a snowy Victorian London also brought him face to face with a man who was claiming to be one of his future incarnations. The one, the only and the best. Or was he?

Well, no, as it turns out, but just over 13 million viewers tuned in to find out whether or not Russell T Davies had managed to hoodwink an entire nation again after the Doctor’s botched regeneration in Journey’s End earlier that same year. Oh, the feels. In fact, we needed a whole gap year to recover…

10. The Time of the Doctor (3%)

Matt Smith crash-landed on to our screens as the Eleventh Doctor in Spring 2010 but, after what can only be described as one of the show’s most ambitious and epic tenures to date, timey-wimey was finally up for our Fez wearing, fish fingers and custard eating incarnation on Christmas Day 2013 when he bowed out in spectacular style to an audience of 12.1 million viewers.

It was the end of an almighty era which also served to bookend the year’s far-reaching 50th anniversary celebrations with the arrival of a brand new Doctor in the form of Peter Capaldi. But do you know what? We’ll always remember when the Doctor was Matt. Goodnight, raggedy man.

9. The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe (3%)

Suffice to say, 2011 was a tough year for the Eleventh Doctor. It all kicked off when he was shot dead at Lake Silencio and things then went from bad to worse (and not to mention confusing!) when he was summoned to investigate his own death. He was also reunited with River Song, who would later be revealed as Amy and Rory’s daughter as well as the impossible astronaut behind his untimely demise. Series 6 was a rollercoaster to say the least.

You can’t blame him, then, for wanting to restore his faith in the universe by sharing a little joy, and that’s exactly what he did in The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe when he journeyed back to 1938 to give Madge Arwell and her children – plus the 10.77 million viewers watching at home – the best Christmas ever. What would we do without him?

8. Last Christmas (4%)

Not to be confused with the classic Wham! hit of the same name, although the 2014 Christmas Special was such a madcap adventure, that pretty much anything goes.

It’s not every day that the Doctor comes face to face with Santa Claus himself but he here was in the actual North Pole and, well… it all got a bit weird after that, didn’t it? Still, it ended with the most magical of sleigh rides over a snowy London town, so who cares if it was all happening inside their heads? Besides, stranger things have happened. The perfect Christmas adventure.

7. The End of Time, Part One (4%)

Doctor Who has established a habit of breaking our Whovian hearts during the festive period (but it’s the season to be jolly, God damn you!) and we all needed a stiff drink – or five – to help us pick up the pieces back in 2009 when the Tenth Doctor embarked on his final journey.

Ok, so it really hit the fan in part two on New Year’s Day, but Russell didn’t shy away from giving us all the feels (and then some!) on Christmas Day as the Master returned and our hero accepted the inevitability of his unavoidable fate. Also… Wilfred Mott. Need we say more?

6. The Runaway Bride (7%)

The Tenth Doctor had just said a heartbreaking farewell to Rose Tyler but his tears weren’t even dry before he was thrown head first into his next adventure, featuring Catherine Tate in a wedding dress. Because Christmas.

The ensuing drama made for one of the most epic adventures to date as the Doctor raced to get Donna Noble to the church on time. Her happily ever was over before it even began, however, after it was revealed that this fiesty temp from Chiswick had been caught up in a sinister web of deception. Enter the Empress of the Racnoss. Oh, Donna. Fortunately for her, though, her trip of a lifetime was only just beginning…

5. Voyage of the Damned (10%)

Nobody has ever been fortunate enough to take a peek at the Doctor’s Christmas list but we’re sure that a yuletide romp (no, not like that…) with an acclaimed pop princess would take a pretty high spot. Well, he should be so lucky – lucky, lucky, lucky – back in 2008 when he joined forces with Kylie Minogue for an epic, festive adventure aboard a spaceship replica of the Titanic. You couldn’t write it, but thank God Russell T Davies did.

The dynamic duo was to be short lived, of course, as the would-be companion ended up sacrificing herself to save the world. It was certainly fun while it lasted, though, and the episode still stands as one of the most watched of the revived series, with 13.31 million viewers to its name. We just can’t get it out of our head.

4. The Husbands of River Song (11%)

Steven Moffat gave Doctor Who fans one of the greatest presents of them all last year when he finally introduced River Song to the Twelfth Doctor. While the story itself is an enjoyable enough ride, it’s the final moments that have no doubt resulted in this episode reaching such a high place in the countdown.

After River’s initial debut – and subsequent demise – back in 2008 (wait, has it really been that long?!), we finally got to witness their bittersweet farewell on Darillium. It was the momentous moment we had all been waiting for and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house as they both lived out their happily ever after. You know, in timey-wimey sort of way.

3. The Snowmen (14%)

We found ourselves back in Victorian London on Christmas Day 2012 (the Doctor just can’t stay away, can he?!) when Jenna Coleman’s second introduction as Clara Oswald was upstaged by a band of sinister Snowmen who sounded a lot like that grey, bearded wizard guy from Lord of the Rings. Raymond Briggs’ Snowman was way cuter.

Still, it all added to the festive fun, and even Strax, Jenny and Vastra came along for the ride as a chilling menace threatened Earth. Not everybody would live to tell the tale, but things got rather confusing when it was our new companion who paid the ultimate price. Again. Oh well, there was always next year.

2. The Christmas Invasion (15%)

Taking second place is the one that started it all as David Tennant stepped aboard the TARDIS for his first full-length adventure as the Tenth Doctor… which he spent most of in bed. He had just regenerated, though, so we’ll let him off (this time…), but his untimely recovery meant that there was nobody around to defend planet Earth from the ensuing threat of the sinister Sycorax. Typical.

He came through to save the day (satsuma and all) in the end, of course, and, as the first Doctor Who Christmas Special, the episode kick started a televisual tradition that, over a decade later, is now impossible to imagine the festive season without. And an average of 12 million viewers would tend to agree. Amen to that.

1. A Christmas Carol (28%)

In at first place is the episode that taught us that when you’re alone, silence is all you know… unless you have Katherine Jenkins singing to you through a sonic screwdriver in the middle of a snowy town on Christmas Day. We’ve all had that dream, right?

A Christmas Carol basically sums up everything that a Doctor Who Christmas Special should be about. There’s a heartwarming story, a lonely old miser seeking redemption (who just so happens to be Albus freakin’ Dumbledore!), a shark sleigh ride and Karen Gillan in a police uniform. What more could you possibly want on Christmas Day? Steven Moffat, we salute you.

November 21st, 2016
Warning! This article and its comments may contain spoilers...

The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner which means that the Doctor’s grand return is finally a mere stone’s throw away. And it’s about time, too!

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost been one whole year since we saw our beloved Time Lord in action (not forgetting his appearance in Class, of course, which was a much needed dose of Capaldi). He lit up our telly boxes last Christmas Day, in The Husbands of River Song, which was followed by the Earth-shattering announcement that there would only be one Doctor Who episode in 2016…

And folks, there is now a light at the end of the tunnel as that episode is nearly upon us! As we know, this year’s Christmas Special is entitled The Return of Doctor Mysterio and it will guest star Justin Chatwin as the titular superhero who will join forces with the Doctor to save New York from a deadly alien threat. While we don’t know that much about the episode, here’s 5 things that we’re looking forward to about this year’s festive adventure…

1. Guess who’s back, back again…

Guess who?! The fact we’ve had no full series of Doctor Who this year has made us even more excited for the Christmas Special (if that was even possible…), so it goes without saying that the Doctor’s comeback is the only present we’re looking forward to unwrapping this season. And the socks. You’ve gotta love the Christmas socks.

Here he is getting up to no good (no, not like that!) with Charity Wakefield who will be playing investigate journalist Lucy Fletcher in the episode. Oh, and he’s holding chopsticks. It’s going to be a very merry Christmas.

2. Christmas in New York

If growing up watching Home Alone, It’s a Wonderful Life and Elf taught us one thing, it’s that there’s room for everyone on the nice list. Missy will be thrilled.

Oh, and that there’s no place like New York at Christmas, so finding out that The Return of Doctor Mysterio will be set in the Big Apple made us as giddy as one of Santa’s elves after one too many hot cocoa. We’ve all been there.

Snow and lights and trees… It’ll be the stuff that dreams are made of. Let’s just hope there are no Weeping Angels lurking in the shadows…

3. A Nardole’s for life, not just for Xmas

Although, admittedly, we have only ever seen him at Christmas. For now, at least. The tradition that dates back all the way to… erm, last year… continues in 2016 as the Christmas Special will welcome the return of Matt ‘I Want That One’ Lucas as Nardole.

Whether you loved him or hated him in The Husbands of River Song, it’s only fair that we give him a second chance. It is Christmas, after all. Oh, and he’ll be sticking around for Series 10 as well, so you better get used to him now. Ho ho ho!

4. A Spacey-Wacey Superhero Mystery

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Justin Chatwin as Doctor Mysterio, although nothing is ever as it seems in a Doctor Who Christmas Special…

Just take Last Christmas, for example, in which the Doctor and Clara encountered Santa Claus himself (and in the actual North Pole, no less!), before it was revealed that it had all been a dream. One day… *sigh*

So, although it would appear that the Doctor Who and Marvel universes are about to collide, we’re sure that Steven Moffat has come up with some sort of timey-wimey, spacey-wacey twist that will both enthral us and leave us sobbing into our empty Celebrations boxes until New Year’s Eve. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

5. A Series 10 Trailer?!

Not that we’re wishing the Christmas Special away already, but it’s hard not to get excited about the fact that, for the first time in forever, we might actually be about to get a Christmas Special which ends with a teaser of what’s to come…

The Husbands of River Song didn’t have one, Last Christmas didn’t have one, The Time of the Doctor didn’t have one… so it’s safe to say that a good old fashioned Christmas ‘Coming Soon’ trailer is more than well overdue.

Series 10 has been filming since May and, with nearly half of its episodes in the can, there’s more than enough footage to fit into a tantalising trailer. It would be the cherry on top.

And let’s not forget…

…all of the festive fun and unadulterated cheer that a Doctor Who Christmas Special brings to our Whovian hearts!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Everything you need to know about Doctor Mysterio ->

February 21st, 2016
Warning! This article and its comments may contain spoilers...

Admit it. You didn’t know what to think when it was announced that we’ll only be getting one Doctor Who episode this year, did you?

It’s not a bad dream, unfortunately, but in the wise words of the Face of Boe, “you are not alone”. The ensuing tidal wave of rumours and reports has meant that our dear old fandom doesn’t know whether it’s coming or going anymore, and with so much speculation flying all over the place, we thought it appropriate to do a recap of what we definitely do know about Series 10. Which, admittedly, isn’t that much.

What DO we know for sure?

1. Filming Starts in May

Better late than never, right? Although it’s never too late, as a wise person once said. Kylie, I think. Anyway, earlier this month it was confirmed that the TARDIS will officially reopen for business in May when the cameras start rolling on Series 10 in Cardiff, with Peter Capaldi recently revealing that he’s currently preparing – both mentally and psychically – to embark on his third string of adventures. “We make it for nine months,” he said, “so the most important thing is that I’m fit and on top of everything. I’m looking forward to starting.” You’re not the only one, Peter. Where’s a TARDIS when you need one?!

2. But it won’t hit our screens until NEXT Spring

Yeah, so that’s the bad news. Although filming will commence in the next couple of months, it won’t actually hit our screens until next spring, and you don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out that this means there will consequently be no full series of Doctor Who in 2016. Rumours that the series would be going on another “gap year” first hit the waves before Series 9 had even finished, with reports that fans would be getting a year of “feature-length specials” to tide them over until its full time return in 2017. As it turns out, we won’t even be getting that, with only the now traditional Christmas Special hitting our screens this December. Fa la la la la, la la la la, and all that. It’s gonna be a long year.

3. It will feature 12 Episodes

See, there’s actually nothing to worry about after all. After this year’s Christmas Special, we’ll have 12 brand new spanking episodes to look forward to in Series 10 next year, following the format that’s been in place since Series 8. And then, we can assume, there will be next year’s Christmas Special, too, bringing the grand total of Doctor Who episodes in 2017 up to 13. An unlucky number for some, but definitely not unlucky for Whovians. So rest assured that we’ll be getting just as much as Doctor Who as we’re used to, we’ll just have to wait an extra year for it is all. Swings and roundabouts.

4. It will be Steven’s final series as Showrunner

Whether you’ve loved or loathed Steven Moffat as Doctor Who’s showrunner in chief, it was a genuine shock to the system to us all when it was announced that he’ll be stepping down from his head writing duties after Series 10. He previously confirmed that he had signed up to helm at least one more series during a BAFTA event in May 2015, but it wasn’t until last month that the Beeb officially revealed that the Moff is… well, off. He took over the reigns from Russell T Davies back in 2009 and has described the job as “the best in the universe”.

5. And he’s set to “go out with a bang”

Is there any other way to go, daddio? According to BBC One controller Charlotte Moore, the channel hopes to “bring the nation together for what will be a huge event” when Steven bows out next spring. After rebooting the entire universe, introducing a secret incarnation of the Doctor and reinstating Gallifrey to its former glory (to name but a few), what on Earth will Steven have up his sleeve for Series 10? We dread to think.

6. Peter Capaldi isn’t going anywhere

Hurrah! After surviving billions of years trapped inside a confession dial at the end of the last series, the Twelfth Doctor will be back to fight another day in Series 10… and with a brand new sonic screwdriver in hand. Let’s face it, though, Peter Capaldi is only just getting started, although the man himself has suggested that 2017 might be his “final year” aboard the TARDIS. But let’s cross that bridge when we get to it, eh?

7. And he’s getting a brand new companion

Here we go again! Clara Oswald’s departure at the end of Series 9 means that there’s now a vacancy aboard the TARDIS for another unsuspecting Earthling to step aboard for the trip of a lifetime. Well, they’ll probably be an Earthling, anyway, and a female one at that (that’s always been the pattern, right?), but we do know that it will be “somebody new” who the Doctor has never met before. Better luck next time, Osgood. The identity of the Doctor’s incoming BFF is probably the biggest secret in TV Land at the moment, but you can hazard a guess and leave your hopes and predictions in our dedicated discussion, here.

8. Missy (might) be back!

And it would be about time, too! It’s safe to say that fans haven’t been able to get enough of Michelle Gomez in all her malevolent glory since she was introduced as the first female incarnation of the Master back in Series 8. She was back with an almighty vengeance (to put it lightly!) in last year’s thrilling two-part premiere, and it looks like her reign of terror is still only just beginning, if Steven Moffat’s recent cryptic hint is anything to go by. We “should definitely expect more from her in the future”, apparently, which certainly sounds intriguing. We’re gonna need eight snipers…

9. It’s already signed up two “amazing” writers

Oh Steven, why must you relentlessly tease us so? The outgoing showrunner revealed at the end of last year that he’s already secured the services of two “amazing” writers to lend their creativity to his final series. They’re so brilliant, in fact, that our “brains would explode” if he told us who they are, so it’s probably best if we just take his word for it for the time being. That won’t stop us speculating in the meantime, however, so feel free to place your bets in the comments section below. The possibilities are endless…

10. And let’s not forget those Peter Jackson rumours

Will he be directing? Won’t he be directing? Your guess is as good as ours at the moment, but the Academy Award winning mastermind behind such trilogies as ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit’ dropped his biggest clue yet last November when he posted a cryptic Facebook video message featuring none other than Peter Capaldi himself. The fandom went into an unprecedented frenzy, of course, but three months later and we’re still no closer to actually finding out if he’ll be lending his vision to one of the Time Lord’s televisual adventures or not. And with related rumours dating back to 2012, it would definitely be a long time coming. Would somebody just give the man a damn Dalek already?!

New adventures. New companion. Same Doctor! Read the latest Series 10 news…

January 10th, 2016
Warning! This article and its comments may contain spoilers...

2015 was yet another remarkable year for Doctor Who and its ever growing foray of fans (see our round ups of its shocks, surprises and spacey-wacey shenanigans here and here), but 2016 might just turn out to be an even better one!

Don’t believe us? Check out our list of the top five “Who” related things we’re looking forward to in 2016, complied in anticipation of the coming 12 months, which represents only a small portion of what we’re excited about. After all, we can’t predict what other twists and turns lie ahead, but we can say that 2016 will be a year to remember!

1. Series 10… probably!

Ok, so this one’s a little vague, since we don’t really know for sure if the brand new series of Doctor Who actually will be gracing our screens in 2016, but we can still hope and pray until proven otherwise, right? What we do know for sure is that Series 10 will include the now traditional 13 episodes, including a Christmas Special, and that Steven Moffat and Peter Capaldi are going nowhere. Whether it airs this year or not, 2016 is still bound to be filled with casting announcements, episode details, and maybe even… a trailer?! We don’t know for definite what we’ll learn about Series 10 over the coming months, but you can bet your bottom dollar that WhovianNet will be keeping a beady eye out to let you know the latest developments as soon as they occur. You’re welcome!

2. Meeting the next companion

Because who isn’t dying to find out who will be accompanying the Doctor on his universal escapades in Series 10?! Clara’s devastating departure at the end of Series 9 (…we’re still not over it!) left a vacancy aboard the TARDIS which means that show execs will already be on the look out for a new BFF to accompany our honourable hero throughout time and space. In fact, Peter Capaldi has cryptically suggested that he may have already met his new co-star, who’ll be “someone new” and “a little more earthy” than their predecessor, according to Steven Moffat. Interesting. It’s impossible to predict when the anticipated announcement will hit the airwaves, but in the meantime you can share your predictions, wishes and theories regarding the new companion in our dedicated discussion, here. Go on, get it all off your chest. You know you want to.

3. A brand new Doctor Who spin off

Similar to our anxious anticipation for Series 10, we can barely even begin to explain our excitement for that other Doctor Who series that will be hitting our screens in 2016. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or stuck inside a confession dial for billions of years, you’ll know that award-winning Young Adult fiction author Patrick Ness has put pen to paper for a new 8-part series, Class, which will air on BBC Three in the autumn. Set in Coal Hill School, the drama will follow a group of students whose lives are turned upside down by the terrifying prospects of growing up… with added monsters. We’ve all been there. It doesn’t look like Clara Oswald will be appearing, unfortunately, since she’s otherwise engaged, but it has been suggested (sort of) that a cameo from the Twelfth Doctor might be on the cards. Once a caretaker, always a caretaker. He just can’t stay away, can he? And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

4. More adventures from Big Finish

Oh, Big Finish. Where would we be without you? Having recently had their Doctor Who license extended until at least 2020, Big Finish will be working their little socks off throughout 2016 to keep our withdrawal symptoms at bay whilst the Doctor is off our screens. Starting the new year as they mean to go on, the first series of their new rip-roaring River Song range has just been unleashed unto the world, while the coming months will mark the releases of audio adventures featuring Classic Doctors and villains alike, as well as the highly anticipated return of the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble this May and the second series of their original Torchwood tales from March. They sure know how to make a Whovian feel special. Bring it on!

5. Conventions and other fandom events

Because isn’t donning your Converse and Sonic Screwdriver to spend the day with like-minded devotees what being part of the Doctor Who fandom is all about? Needless to say, there is always a convention or fan event, official or otherwise, going on in some part of the world, and those that have been announced for 2016 thus far have already secured some pretty awesome guests. What’s more, they’re the perfect place to meet your favourite stars whilst sharing in the love with your fellow fanatics, and you can even enter a cosplaying competition if you really want to make the most of the experience. And oh, what an experience it is. There really is nothing quite like a Doctor Who convention, and if you’ve never seen one first hand, 2016 is the perfect year to finally pop your convention cherry. You won’t regret it. Keep up to date with what’s going on in our Events section.

So, what are YOU most looking forward to in 2016? Let us know in the comments below…

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