The Doctor & I – List of Contributions

Foreword Richard Curtis
Introduction WhovianNet

1. ‘50 Years Later…’ Jane Hains, UK
2. ‘Adventures in an Old Blue Box’ Steven Roy Evans, UK
3. ‘A Mild Curiosity in a Junkyard’ Nathan Bennett,  Australia
4. ‘The Most Cunning Trap in Time and Space’ Tyler English, USA
5. ‘Something Special’ Linzi Osburn, UK
6. ‘Timey-Wimey’ Jeanette Stent, UK
7. ‘Early Memories’ Tim Sandle, UK
8. ‘I Owe It All To My Mum’ Ben Thatcher, UK
9. ‘The Doctor, My Hero’ Adam Chapman, UK
10. ‘It All Worked Out’ Josh Gardiner, Australia
11. ‘A Texan Remembers When (And Who)’ Chris Coker, USA
12. ‘A Whovian in Houston’ Michael Fairview, USA
13. ‘Indomitable’ Jimmie Chappell, USA
14. ‘The Greatest Show’ David W. Robinson, New York, USA
15. ‘Arabian Nights’ Christopher Hawton, UK
16. ‘From One Zygon to Another’ Guy Newmountain, UK
17. ‘Lost and Found’ Heather Leonard, USA
18. ‘The Lost Autograph’ Richard Trelfa, UK
19. ‘The Doctor and his Fans’ Christine Grit, the Netherlands
20. ‘The Saga of Lindalee Rose’ Steve Czarnecki, USA
21. ‘My Doctor is Unbound’ Michael Nixon, USA
22. ‘A Reformed Whovian’ Rebecca, USA
23. ‘Of Scarves and Screwdrivers’ Shawn M. Becker, Illinois, USA
24. ‘Time Travel the Easy Way’ Mark Aldridge, UK
25. ‘1979: A TARDIS Odyssey’ Rachel Redhead, UK
26. ‘(Re)generation to (Re)generation’ Susan Willetts, UK
27. ‘The Greatest Nightmare in the Galaxy’ Blaine Coughlan, UK
28. ‘The Power of Who’ Paul Hardwick, Australia
29. ‘Becoming a Whovian’ Chris Jones, USA
30. ‘Space-Age Gloss and My Favourite Hat’ Jacob Edwards, Australia
31. ‘Why I Should Be The Next Doctor’ Patrick Magee, Australia
32. ‘Meeting by Chance’ Veronika Kuncová, Czech Republic
33. ‘Me and Who’ Martin Backman, Finland
34. ‘Fragments of Impossible Worlds’ KRING D., Philippines
35. ‘Getting to Know the Doctor’ JC2006, UK
36. ‘An Unearthly Delivery’ Dakota Lopez, New York, USA
37. ‘Turn Right’ Tom Buxton, UK
38. ‘Fighting Daleks’ Melda Uytun, Turkey
39. ‘Talkin’ ‘Bout My Regeneration’ Marcus Cooke, UK
40. ‘The Bond Across the Ocean’ Allison K. White, USA
41. ‘It Began at the End of the World’ Lucy Boulter, UK
42. ‘New Zealand, New Who’ Zac Hadley, New Zealand
43. ‘The Show That Conquered Time and Space’ Richard Coles, UK
44. ‘The Starlit Optimist’ Bella Farrah, Australia
45. ‘My Companion: The Doctor’ Nancy Orford, Canada
46. ‘Where I Needed To Go’ Eliza Stribling, Australia
47. ‘We Are All Stories’ Fanni Sütõ, Hungary
48. ‘Because of the Doctor’ Millie Salt, UK
49. ‘500 Miles and More’ Emma F.M, Spain
50. ‘Whovianism: Your Guide to Living Life’ Chew Wei Li, Singapore
51. ‘The Girl Who Changed Her Mind’ Alexandra, USA
52. ‘The Trip of a Lifetime’ Eva, UK
53. ‘The Never Ending Fandom’ Evan Barr, Alberta, Canada
54. ‘My Childhood with the Doctor’ Leanne Wells, UK
55. ‘That Mad Man in a Box’ Audrey Stadler, USA
56. ‘The Most Wonderful Man in the Universe’ David Scott, UK
57. ‘The Moment I Met the Doctor’ Megan Reeves, UK
58. ‘Allons-y!’ Amber Jackson, UK
59. ‘T’was the Night Before Christmas’ Richard Nobbe, Netherlands
60. ‘Abandoning Reality to Source the Truth’ Amy McLean, UK
61. ‘Thank you, Doctor’ Laura López Lamiel, Spain
62. ‘The Doctor Who Saved Me’ Foram D, India
63. ‘The Ordinary Girl’ Jessi Olivia Cadenhead, Guatemala
64. ‘It All Started with a Dalek’ Jenna Ward, UK
65. ‘An Amazing Journey’ Lionel Mendonsa, Dubai
66. ‘The Moral Compass’ Christie Dominic Inman-Hall, UK
67. ‘A Norwegian Whovian’s Fairytale’ Mia Birgitte Grendal, Norway
68. ‘The Makings of a Teenage Whovian’ Matthew Ross, UK
69. ‘Why Hello There, Doctor!’ Jessica Goldberg, USA
70. ‘Werewolves and Time Lords’ Declan Fairey, UK
71. ‘I Heart the Doctor’ Destiny Nicole Blackston ,USA
72. ‘Doctor Who?’ Bérénice Pirlot, Belgium
73. ‘To The Mad Man, With Love’ Camille, France
74. ‘From Hate to Love’ Jade Kelly, UK
75. ‘Regenerating with the Doctor’ Jane Ganberg, Russia
76. ‘The Mad Man With A Box’ Steve Rollins, West Virginia, USA
77. ‘Introducing the Doctor’ Robyn Hilt, South Korea
78. ‘Dear Doctor’ Aishwarya Iyer, Dubai
79. ‘Doctor What?’ Clarissa, Hong Kong
80. ‘How I Met the Doctor’ Gerlinde, the Netherlands
81. ‘Friends and Strangers’ Vanessa Cordova, Arizona, Phoenix
82. ‘The Fandom and I’ Elaine M, the Philippines
83. ‘The Adventure of Life’ Frankky Hightower, USA
84. ‘My Time Travel Adventure’ Anne Pagkalinawan, the Philippines
85. ‘Who Tube’ Amanda McKenna, USA
86. ‘A Worthwhile Accident’ Alexandra Phillips, Gladewater, TX

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