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April 30th, 2011
Warning! This article and its comments may contain spoilers...

The Doctor is locked in the perfect prison while Amy, Rory and River Song are being hunted down across America by the FBI. With the help of new friend and FBI-insider Canton, they are reunited to share their memories. The world is occupied by an alien force that controls humanity through post-hypnotic suggestion, and no one can be trusted.

Our heroes embarked on an apollo mission tonight as Series 6 of Doctor Who continued, and there were shocks aplenty as their US adventure reached its thrilling conclusion…

Episode one’s cliffhanger saw us all holding our breath as Amy shared a life-changing revelation, and part two (as part two’s often do!) picked up from right where we left off, and from then on it was non stop action as Earth faced a threat from a terrifying force.

Three months later, the Doctor was locked up in the perfect prison and his friends were alone, terrified and on the run across America. It seemed that nothing or no one could break the Silence as they controlled humanity through post-hypnotic suggestion. Of course, the new series has only just begun, and with 5 other episodes to get through this spring, things were eventually wrapped up and the TARDIS team managed to save the day, aided – as one often is – by Neil Armstrong’s foot, and be back in time for tea.

The Day of the Moon has dawned, and as the sun doth set on the Doctor’s dapple in the desert, we want to know what you thought of the latest episode. Do you think it was a worthy conclusion to the opening two-parter, or do we need to speak to Houston about a problem? Did its momentous cliffhanger result in you screaming at the television? Leave your mark in the comments below (the good, the bad and the ugly) before you forget!

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  1. Ifrah
    May 7th, 2011 at 5.30pm | #1

    @PRB and @JamButty
    I have no doubt Moffat’s known who River was from the start and I’ve just realised something so important that I feel like an idiot for not realising before.

  2. The silence
    May 7th, 2011 at 5.40pm | #2

    What? Do tell…

  3. vaguely
    May 7th, 2011 at 5.52pm | #3

    Moff had said we will find out who she is this series – and I wouldn’t assume that when River said “young girl” she meant child (from her PoV anyone under about 25 is a young girl)

  4. Kevin Jacobs
    May 9th, 2011 at 3.37am | #4

    Why do people hate so much to wait for a story to unfold?

    It’s not confusing, you’re just impatient.

    Do you start a mystery novel by skipping to the back to find out who the killer is?

    Confusing is when you’re “supposed” to understand things and you don’t.

    You are not supposed to know:
    a. who river song is
    b. what’s up with the little girl
    c. what’s going on with Amy being pregnant
    d. who the eye patch lady is

    The Doctor is still trying to figure it out!

    This is the fun in a show like Doctor Who, coming up with theories, arguing with the guys (people on the internet), being wrong.

    I don’t really want to know who River Song is until the Doctor figures it out.

    These are stories that are just starting or still continuing.

    Let them be told, sometimes the journey to find out is better than the answer.

    I have never been disappointed with a Moffat resolution.
    I bet at the end of the season, you’ll re-watch these first two episodes and you’ll think they’re some of the best Doctor Who episodes ever.

    I really believe Doctor Who is just hitting it’s “Revolver” stage, series 5 was “Rubber Soul”, next will be Pepper!

  5. Kiki
    May 10th, 2011 at 4.07am | #5

    On IMDB the little girl from Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon is called Lucy Saxon in A Good Man Goes To War.

  6. shawn
    May 10th, 2011 at 10.17am | #6

    is it the same lucy saxon that was with the master r a completely different girl with the same name do u now?

  7. fleur
    May 21st, 2011 at 10.28am | #7

    I don’t want to moan or upset any die-hard fans and I usually/used to really enjoy the show but I am finding the whole ‘love triangle/ Amy’s pregnancy’ story-line really tacky and like a soap opera… if everyone else thinks it’s genius I’ll try and stop getting irritated by it, but it just doesn’t ’sit right’ with what I love about the show :(

  8. TWWL
    May 21st, 2011 at 12.13pm | #8

    They’ve been doing this kind of stuff since the show came back. Remember Martha and her unrequieted love story?

    Also, I hate the way people call story lines like this ’soap’; it’s just drama.

    Plus, there isn’t really a love triangle; the Doctor doesn’t think of Amy that way, and Amy doesn’t really want to be with him; it’s more about Rory’s uneasy feelings.

  9. fleur
    May 22nd, 2011 at 8.42am | #9

    ok suitably chastised, maybe I’m just remembering the previous series with rose-tinted spectacles ;)

  10. bron
    June 2nd, 2011 at 2.56am | #10

    Not so sure the little girl’s name is Lucy Saxon – unless that is seen on some reliable source – ie not IMDB – i’ll hold off on that one. As IMDB pages can be changed by anyone who takes the five seconds to register, someone could just be messing with everyone’s heads.

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