December 25th, 2014
Warning! This article and its comments may contain spoilers...

Two heroic icons – the Doctor and Santa – along with Clara Oswald, are thrown together in one of the Time Lord’s most incredible adventures yet!

Christmas Day is here again but so far there’s been one rather important present missing from the festivities. That all changed tonight when the Twelfth Doctor returned to light up our screens in his debut Doctor Who Christmas Special – it was like he’d never been away!

He hasn’t really been gone that long, of course, but any length of time away is too long whenever our beloved Time Lord is concerned. He was back with festive bells on in Last Christmas, though, which proved – if anyone even had any doubt after 10 years of them – that a Doctor Who yuletide adventure really is the greatest gift of all. They’re usually full of seasonal cheer but this one was even more so as it featured none other than Santa Claus himself who joined forces with the Doctor for an adventure in the North Pole. Just ’cause.

Described as “The Thing meets Miracle on 34th Street”, Last Christmas was pretty much as Christmassy as it gets but was it worth unwrapping? Rate and Discuss it in the comments below and let us know what you thought of the 2014 Doctor Who Christmas Special, the twists and turns, the monsters, the guest stars and the festive fun and jollity in between…

NOTE: This discussion will NOT be spoiler monitored so please do not read the comments if you haven’t seen Last Christmas. You have been warned!

May 25th, 2015
Warning! This article and its comments may contain spoilers...

The Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular has finally landed in the UK with the first show stopping performance taking place at London’s Wembley Arena last Friday (23rd May).

Hosted by Fifth Doctor Peter Davison, the tour will be hitting the road this week to bring a celebration of Doctor Who’s music and monsters to arenas across the country. It will be calling at Cardiff, Birmingham, Leeds, Newcastle and Glasgow and you can see ticket availability for each of the venues here. Check out a selection of images from the first show, and let us know if you’re going, below.

With thanks to House PR/Press Association.

May 21st, 2015

The longlist for this year’s TV Choice Awards has been revealed and once again there’s plenty of Doctor Who to go around.

The series itself is in the running for Best Family Drama while its stars, Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman, are up for the Best Actor and Best Actress gongs for their portrayals of the Twelfth Doctor and Clara Oswald, respectively.

You’ve got until midnight on Friday 5th June 2015 to support them, here, before the final round of voting opens.

Doctor Who won an Outstanding Contribution award in 2013 to mark its 50th anniversary.

May 20th, 2015

Four lucky readers of Doctor Who Comic UK will have the chance to win a Twelfth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver in the upcoming issue.

The winners will be amongst the first in the world to own the screwdriver which will be revealed to the public by its developers, The Wand Company, at this year’s San Diego Comic Con in July.

Full details can be found in Doctor Who Comic UK Issue #4 which is published tomorrow (Thursday) priced £3.99.

With thanks to Titan Magazines.

May 18th, 2015
Warning! This article and its comments may contain spoilers...

Steven Moffat has admitted that he’s set himself a “ludicrous challenge” in Series 9.

Speaking at a recent BAFTA event which was held in New York to celebrate 10 years of the revived series, the showrunner revealed that he’s in a constant “state of panic” regarding Episode 11, the penultimate episode of the upcoming series. “When you see it, you’ll realise just how ludicrous a challenge I’ve set myself,” he said. “Dear God. Even now, I’m sitting here and thinking, when I get back tonight, could I just try another way of doing it?”

It was recently confirmed that Steven will be staying on for at least another year, helming Series 10. The news was met with a mixed response and you can read our round up here.

Filming for Series 9 is currently underway. It’s scheduled to air on BBC One in the autumn.

May 18th, 2015
Warning! This article and its comments may contain spoilers...

The official Doctor Who Series 8 soundtrack has been released today (Monday).

Although it goes without saying, Murray Gold delivered yet another spectacular array of musical scores to accompany the long awaited arrival of Peter Capaldi as our titular Time Lord. The soundtrack catapulted the Twelfth Doctor’s first string of adventures into new levels of cinematic scale and his new theme in particular, A Good Man?, helped to set the tone for his era by establishing him as an honourable hero that’s not to be reckoned with. Just look at those eyebrows go!

The brand new soundtrack compiles the highlights – and then some – as it takes listeners on a thrilling journey through each episode, from the Victorian backdrop of Deep Breath to the festive wonderment of Last Christmas. Along the way, fans will recount their visit to Sherwood forest and their heart-stopping encounter with the Mummy on the Orient Express, while the atmospheric tones of Time Heist will set pulses racing all over again.

A special mention to the Doctor Who theme, complete with a mesmerising middle eight, but it all builds up to the climactic series finale, Dark Water/Deep Breath, which was made even more so by Murray’s music. It makes you laugh, cry and send you screaming behind the sofa (usually all at once!), and Doctor Who fans wouldn’t want it any other way.

May 16th, 2015
Warning! This article and its comments may contain spoilers...

Doctor Who fans have been reacting to the news that Steven Moffat will be sticking around for Series 10.

The development surfaced last night when it was revealed that the showrunner has signed up to helm next year’s series which will be his sixth in role as the franchise’s executive producer and head writer.

As expected, the announcement was met with a flurry of fevered responses as our Twitter followers actively took to their keyboards to air their views.

@DoctorWhotch got in touch to say that the show is in “safe hands” for the foreseeable and @Jenkins100Rose is also “glad he’s staying”. It’s “time for new blood”, though, according to @hgdhgdedj, and @RJCLeck worries “the show in the wrong direction”.

Not everyone is so adamant, however. @beatnikpoet21 has “mixed feelings” about the situation and @jamiealexkerr is also torn, saying: “Interesting stories/plots, but the plotholes are so major”. At the time of writing, our poll – which you can vote in here – is 71% AGAINST Steven’s continuation. So, it’s the inevitable mixed bag and you can let us know your own responses by commenting here/below, or send us a tweet @WhovianNet.

May 15th, 2015
Warning! This article and its comments may contain spoilers...

Steven Moffat has confirmed that he’s signed up to remain as Doctor Who’s showrunner for at least another year.

He made the announcement during a special BAFTA Q&A which was held in New York yesterday (Thursday) to commemorate 10 years of the revived series. WalesOnline were at the event and you can read their coverage here.

The news means that Steven will be helming Series 10, expected to air in 2016, which will be his sixth series in role as the franchise’s executive producer and head writer.

What do you think of this development? Vote in the poll and let us know in the comments…

Are you happy that Steven Moffat will be sticking around for Series 10 of Doctor Who in 2016?

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Series 9 is currently being filmed. The BBC recently revealed that Doctor Who will be on air until “at least 2020″ with their current plan culminating in a movie “within 8 years”.

May 15th, 2015

Billie Piper will be appearing as a guest on Alan Carr: Chatty Man tonight (Friday).

The popular Rose Tyler actress will be talking about her role as Brona Croft in Penny Dreadful which has just returned to Showtime (US) and Sky Atlantic (UK) for its highly anticipated second season, also starring Timothy Dalton and Eve Green.

Find out what Billie has to say about the new series from 10pm on Channel 4. Please be aware that the programme contains strong language and adult themes.

May 15th, 2015
Warning! This article and its comments may contain spoilers...

Peter Harness has revealed that fans can look forward to a big cliffhanger during his upcoming Doctor Who two-parter.

It’s been confirmed that the Kill the Moon writer has put pen to paper for a double adventure which will be broadcast as Episodes 7 and 8 of Series 9. The episodes will mark the return of Osgood and the Zygons which Peter admitted is “a privilege”, albeit one that is ”a bit unbelievable”. “I think it’s quite an exciting story,” he told Digital Spy. “Unfortunately, I’ve got two fan favourites in my hands now, which can only set me up to disappoint people!”

He continued: “But it’s nice to do a cliffhanger, and I tried to write the biggest one I could.”

Filming for Series 9 is currently underway. It’s scheduled to air on BBC One in the autumn.

May 15th, 2015
Warning! This article and its comments may contain spoilers...

WhovianNet was recently invited to attend a special screening of CAPTCHA, a new indie short film starring Doctor Who’s very own Arthur Darvill. Here is our review.

“Do you believe in destiny…?”

Arthur Darvill is no stranger to weird and wonderful worlds and it’s safe to say that his exhilarating experiences aboard the TARDIS put him in good stead to take on his latest role in this new short film.

Well, we say ‘latest’. It’s actually taken 3 years for CAPTCHA to see the light of day (that’s the short film industry for you!), but fans of fantasy noir, and sci-fi in general, can rest assured that it’s definitely worth the wait.

The indie thriller stars the Rory Williams actor as Mel, an otherwise carefree character whose entire world is turned upside down – and then some – when he encounters an alluring assassin in the form of Katya, as played with copious amounts of glamorous gusto by Amy Beth Hayes (who eagle eyed Doctor Who fans will recognise as one of the Albino Servants from The Stolen Earth).

Although Darvill himself has noted that he has an ever growing track record of playing “nervous men”, his portrayal of this unassuming government scientist couldn’t be further away from his three year tenure as Rory the Roman if he tried. Or rather, if he were to be unknowingly spiked with a love implant. Which, by the way, he is.

Thus sets the precedent for a whirlwind of captivating chaos and confusion and it’s yet another endearing performance for the actor to add to his already reputable résumé. While the film itself only clocks in at 15 minutes, that’s all Arthur needs to affirm himself as his latest on screen alias and the depth of his characterisation serves to not only establish the mindset of his amicable alter ego, but the wider picture of the dystopian world in which he resides.

The cinematic scope of that world is brought to life by The Mill who have created an immersive VFX backdrop which puts you slap bang in the middle of the sentient 1940s steampunk society. The tangible London landscape is worlds away from the real thing but it’s still recognisable enough to feel disconcertingly familiar – a true testament to their hard work and efforts to bring the scale of the ambitious story to life. The spectacular soundtrack helps, too!

Written by Ed Tracey and Justin Trefgarne, CAPTCHA is an admirable advocate for short filmmaking which should encourage any aspiring creatives to pursue their own projects with the help of a talented team who are just as passionate about the final product. With an intriguing premise and an established ensemble of original characters, the film even comes with a dramatic motorbike chase sequence (it wouldn’t have been complete without one!) and it will leave you with an overriding sense that there’s still so much to explore.

Luckily, a feature-length film is in the early stages of development so it’ll be exciting to see what the future holds. In the meantime, Doctor Who fans should also keep an eye – or ear – out for the voice of Zoë Wanamaker who puppeteers the proceedings as the menacing Rosa, as well as Kayvan Novak (Handles in The Time of the Doctor). Definitely worth checking out as it sets out to explore the age old question, “Could love be used as a weapon?”. Something tells us Mel would say “yes”!

CAPTCHA is available to purchase globally on We Are Colony alongside a host of behind the scenes content including exclusive interviews and documentaries.

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