“Series 8 will be one of the best series, if not the best series of Doctor Who ever.”

August 1st, 2014
Warning! This article and its comments may contain spoilers...

With another series of Doctor Who on the horizon, I begin to get more and more excited about the new adventures we will be met with. On this occasion, this excitement is higher than ever before.

Every time I hear some new news about Series 8, it makes this following series seem better and better. Every trailer, article and announcement begins to make me believe that Series 8 will be one of the best series, if not the best series of Doctor Who ever. Not since the revival, but for the whole history of Doctor Who.

Arguably, the recent writing on Doctor Who has not been to everybody’s taste, which I would certainly agree with, to an extent. But from what we have seen and heard from the trailers and the small synopses that we saw in SFX magazine, just small descriptions and visuals, like the Cybermen seen in this year’s two-part (finally, a two-parter) finale can make me speculate and imagine things that could happen and that shouldn’t happen.

Another thing that excites me about this new series is the title sequence. The title sequence on its own is a very important part of the show, so the most recent addition to this collection didn’t please me. There was obviously the nice inclusion of the Doctor’s face, hidden nicely to merge in with the clouds of space, but beyond that, it was a waste of another 35 seconds, in my opinion. I just hope that the new series has something incredible to offer, to make me feel excited for the episode ahead, rather than internally moaning about its poor quality.

Even just the description of Capaldi’s Doctor alongside his pictures as the Doctor, as a Doctor that just gets the job done, but wants to put danger to the test, as well as being less sensitive to humanity, makes me believe that Series 8 will change my opinions, with Capaldi becoming my favourite Doctor.

The things that really top off the whole Doctor Who reboot event is the fact that Doctor Who shall not only return with a feature length, but it will return to cinemas! This is something I didn’t think would happen for at least another 10 years (for the 60th anniversary). The feeling I had in November, sitting in a cinema about to watch my favourite TV show in its birthday was one of the best experiences I have had surrounding Doctor Who. To experience this again excites me very much, so a second Doctor Who cinema experience is a high priority for celebrating the start of the new series.

Understandably, the biggest and best sci-fi will be appearing a lot more, I hope, on the TV, with the World Tour and trailers being shown more frequently to get people more and more excited (including me) for this new series, and I feel very happy to be a part of an incredible group of people, that are all about to celebrate a new era for Doctor Who. An era that I hope will last for many more years to come.

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