Steven Moffat on screwdrivers, Daleks and Russell

March 30th, 2010

Steven Moffat was interviewed on Front Row on BBC Radio 4 this evening, during which he revealed that he didn’t have to research any aspects of the series before writing as he grew up with a firm understanding of its mythology.

“I didn’t really have to look up much, because I honestly do know the history of Doctor Who very well,” he laughed. “And besides, its history is always made up on the stop. It’s absolute nonsense!”

He continued: “The sonic screwdriver, for example, can do anything you want. Unless it’s really vital to the plot, in which case it can’t! Then he either forgets it or leaves it in the TARDIS, or there’s a deadlock or a triple deadlock or something. He can never get through a door that’s really important!”

The showrunner went on to discuss The Eleventh Hour, specifically how the Doctor will be behaving during the initial aftermath of his latest regeneration.

“A few minutes ago he was David Tennant saying goodbye to Rose Tyler, and now he’s in the very thick of a new adventure,” he explained. ”There’s not even the traditional period of unconsciousness, so, in a way, he’s still settling into his new form. He’s still a bit of David, but he’s realising those things don’t work for him anymore. Imagine waking up and you’re literally someone else. How do you cope with it?”

Up next was the revelation that former head writer Russell T Davies has watched one of the upcoming episodes, for reasons he ‘won’t go into’. ”He’s the one Doctor Who fan on the planet for whom the show has not yet returned, because he’s had to work on all of them,” he said, before adding, rather cryptically, “He’s seen one. Heaven knows why.”

The interview culminated with Moffat telling viewers to “Wait and see!” if there’ll be any changes to the Daleks when they return in Episode 3 to do battle during World War II.

The Eleventh Hour airs this Saturday on BBC One and BBC HD at 6:20PM!

2 comments on this article
  1. TSG
    March 31st, 2010 at 5.11pm | #1

    I will never get tired of ‘this Saturday’. And I love the idea of gradually losing DT’s personality, and the exploration into the psychological side to regeneration. You had to go there, after the café scene with Wilf. We’ve asked about the death of the phoenix, now tell us about the rebirth.

  2. Mark Goodacre
    March 31st, 2010 at 6.34pm | #2

    Link for the interview is:

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