Starz CEO discusses the future of Torchwood

July 30th, 2011
Warning! This article and its comments may contain spoilers...

Chris Albrecht, the President and CEO of the Starz network, has revealed that the future of Torchwood all depends on Russell T Davies’ commitments.

Speaking to EW at the TCA press tour, Albrecht explained that “it’s about Russell” when asked about the probability of a fifth series. “He has a lot of things on his plate,” he said. “If Torchwood’s at the top of his list, that’ll effect the future of Torchwood.” Russell has previously stated that “there’s only so long you can spend doing Torchwood”.

Russell is currently developing a new US drama series – Cucumber – for Showtime.

Meanwhile, the two principal cast members have both expressed an interest in returning. John Barrowman has said that he hopes “there’s going to be more to come”, while Eve Myles is sure that “there’s definitely a lead on for more”. John Barrowman has also previously claimed that BBC/Starz plan to “make it for the next seven years”.

Do you think Miracle Day should be the team’s final outing, or is their life in them yet?

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9 comments on this article
  1. DalydJones
    July 30th, 2011 at 2.14pm | #1

    You’ve not mentioned the fact that VERY recently Russell T Davies said that his comments about moving on from sci-fi were blown out of proportion and made him sound like he was leaving soon when he didn’t mean that. He said he wants to carry on with Torchwoid for a while.

  2. MWAnderson
    July 30th, 2011 at 3.50pm | #2

    Hmmm. Are the rights to Torchwood owned by the BBC or do they lie with Russell T Davies? it seems to me that Torchwood could continue whether RTD was at the helm or not. Myself, given the state of the current series of Torchwood, I would actually look favourably on RTD leaving the show and someone with a fresh take on the format and ideas for stories (without the overt American angle) taking over. For me, the show hasn’t lived up to the bar set by Children of Earth and needs a radical rethink… and that can only be done without RTD’s rather cloying sensibilities getting in the way. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but the man is great when he’s on form but the reality is that his focus has been elsewhere for a while now and Torchwood’s quality is slipping…

  3. JC
    July 30th, 2011 at 4.40pm | #3

    In the format Torchwood is now, I’m a bit fed up with it. Starz seem to hold quite a lot of playing cards since they began co-production, and despite the Starz CEO redirecting the future of Torchwood to Russell T. Davies, the fact people are talking to Starz about Torchwood’s future indicates people believe they have a lot of say in the future of Torchwood and so far, in terms of Miracle Day, that’s quite worrying.

  4. Grace
    July 30th, 2011 at 8.01pm | #4

    This feels like we’re being let down easy.

  5. TE
    July 30th, 2011 at 8.30pm | #5

    The fact is Entertainment Weekly are more likely to talk to the American production company as opposed to the British production company.

  6. e.p
    July 31st, 2011 at 1.24am | #6

    I’d like to see more Torchwood, but only if it’s done with the proper loving care and not just for the sake of carrying it on. American shows have a tendency to go for more seasons that necessary and get run into the ground. Leave it on a high note.

    If Barrowman’s willing to do it for seven more series that’s brilliant, but only if the show is still actually worth watching at that point.

  7. fritz miniuttti
    July 31st, 2011 at 7.55pm | #7

    i love the format of torchwood and the sex scenes with captain jack and bartender but also lets chase after aliens!!

  8. Holly-Rose Tomlinson
    October 9th, 2011 at 6.12pm | #8

    OMG! I would love to see more Torchwood! I will die without it! what will i watch all year if it stops! Torchwood never gets old! There should be a moment in the next series where they see ghosts od Tosh, Owen, Ianto and Ester and they have a choice to save them, but if they save them there is a huge cost! or sommin’ like that! – there is an idea to build on Guys! I think there should be more aliens and monsters because they haven’t had aliens on Torchwood since Children of earth! If Russel T.Davis needs ideas i got plenty of them and they are quite good actually! I LOVE Torchwood and am trying to get my friends and family to watch it. Torchwood can’t end ever – well maybe after a long time! there are lots of exiting things that could happen. HOW LONG WILL I HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE NEXT TORCHWOOD SERIES!!!!

  9. Gerard Frazer
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