Freema explains her 50th anniversary involvement

January 13th, 2013
Warning! This article and its comments may contain spoilers...

Freema Agyeman has confirmed that she won’t be returning to Doctor Who for its 50th anniversary.

The actress who played companion Martha Jones clarified the news to CraveOnline. She responded to comments she made back in 2011, when she told the Independent she had “heard rumblings” about what was being planned… “I got misquoted saying that there were some rumblings going on about being involved,” she explained. “I’m doing two things for the 50th but nothing to do with being in the actual show.”

She continued: “It is in terms of conventions and interviews and things like that – we are all doing stuff to promote the 50th. We have to. It’s the Doctor Who family. We want to.”

She suggested that her return is off the cards because the show’s now in a different era. “It is a different thing now,” she said. “It moves on, it changes and that’s a good thing.”

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7 comments on this article
  1. JC
    January 19th, 2013 at 5.10pm | #1

    As it stands, apart from the drama about how Doctor Who was developed, I seriously need a reason to be excited about the Doctor Who Anniversary.

    IF everything everyone has said so far is true, it’s looking like it’ll just be Matt Smith and Jenna Louise Coleman for the Anniversary.

  2. Katie
    January 19th, 2013 at 7.14pm | #2

    I know Martha has a lot of haters out there but I would love to see her come back. I know the actors arent going to tell journalists if they are involved as they will be sworn to secrecy but if they are telling the truth and arent actually involved, I will be really disappointed! Even if they were given cameos, that would keep me satisfied!

  3. Steve
    January 19th, 2013 at 7.34pm | #3

    I don’t think there will be a good 50 anniversary story – for 2 reasons – First reason steven Moffat, he is not the greatest story teller really, he has had his moments but that’s it. The other is Big Finish – Big Finish are doing an 8 Doctor 50th anniversary story for November and I just think they do Doctor Who better than Moffat can!

  4. Mia
    January 19th, 2013 at 8.14pm | #4

    I really, really hope all these former companions and Doctors are just saying what they’ve been told to say and that they will be involved in one way or another. It would make much more sense to include former characters when you’re celebrating the show’s 50th Anniversary than to only have the current Doctor and the current companion.

    Martha was – and still is (though Clara might knock her down from the top soon) – my favourite companion. I adore Freema and hope she will be contributing in more ways than attending conventions.

  5. Dvid
    January 20th, 2013 at 7.50am | #5

    Devastated that Martha won’t be a part of the 50th celebrations directly. Though many seem to be denying they are included so who knows… It does seem very muted at the moment. America is getting docus dedicated to each Doctor beginning this month. I’m sure we are going to get a lot of goodies if we are patient but I hope it’s not all November-centred. A build-up would be nice.

  6. TWWL
    January 21st, 2013 at 9.51am | #6

    There are more important people than Martha I’d like to see included. For me, she is way, WAY down the list. But really, it all comes down to story. As long as that’s a cracker of a celebration, i don’t care who is and isn’t included. Basically, even if they try to get loads of old people in, most won’t be represented, I mean they just can’t be, it’s not possible, and so people will complain. It’s a no win situation for Moffat.

  7. JC
    January 21st, 2013 at 3.46pm | #7

    I actually agree with you TWWL in terms of there being far too many people to write a good story, it would be over-crowded.

    Still, I’d personally find it highly offensive if Moffat used only his own Doctor and latest Companion.

    If the story had to be cut down to as few characters as possible, it’d be cool to have a believable re-cast of the 1st Doctor in a story with the 11th Doctor, perhaps around this secret the Doctor has that the Silence have been trying to…….silence.

    This would mean whatever massive secret the Doctor has would have been carried with him since the 1st Doctor and so, through all of his incarnations.

    I have to admit though, in any story involving the 1st Doctor, I wouldn’t envy Moffat, adding to the canon of the 1st Doctor adds to the canon of all the Doctors.

    Otherwise, I’d obviously really love to see Paul McGann back as the 8th Doctor, as well as the 10th Doctor if possible.

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