Exclusive Interview: Edward Harrison

October 7th, 2014
Warning! This article and its comments may contain spoilers...

WhovianNet caught up with Edward Harrison to find out more about his recent appearance in Series 8 of Doctor Who.

The actor appeared in The Caretaker as Adrian, a colleague of Clara’s at Coal Hill School, who has been recognised by fans for his striking resemblance to a certain former Doctor.

Edward chatted to us about landing his role and shared his memories of working alongside Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman. Read our interview below and be sure to follow him on Twitter @EdHarry7.

Q. Hi there, Edward! Firstly, when did you discover you were interested in acting?
A. Probably when I was around 10 years old. I was – and in many ways still am – shy. I suppose it was an outlet for that. I did the fairly conventional route of appearing in school plays, then local youth theatre, which in turn led to drama school and the rest is history! I’ve been acting professionally for over ten years now.

Q. And how did your most role, as Adrian in The Caretaker, come about?
A. It’s funny. It had been mentioned by the odd stranger and even in a couple of theatre reviews that I had an ‘air of Matt Smith’, so when I got the call to meet for Adrian, I had to laugh! I suppose my floppy hair got me through the door, but hopefully I’ve made Adrian a real guy in his own right. I was never supposed to be a double or an imitation of Matt.

Q. So you were already a fan of the series before you landed this role?
A. Sylvester McCoy was the Doctor I remember most from my childhood. I caught the odd episode over the years. But I’ve watched every episode this series and I’m hooked. What brilliant, funny, dramatic, terrifying, escapist fun it is! But with real heart(s). Sorry.

Q. When did you film the episode and how long did filming last?
A. I was on set in early April 2014, over 3 separate filming days.

Q. What was it like to get the chance to see Peter Capaldi perform as the Twelfth Doctor before he had appeared properly on screen?
A. It was a genuine thrill and privilege to work with Peter, and his work ethic is a real example. Focused, professional, but always ready to share a joke when the cameras stop rolling!

Q. And how did you find working with Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald?
A. Jenna is a real talent and so on her game. Passionate about getting it right, lovely to be around and a real role model I think. She also happens to be beautiful.

Q. What are your favourite memories from your time on set?
A. I’m going to have to cop out and say it was a joy from start to finish! From the wonderful hair/costume/make up girls to the on set crew and actors, Doctor Who is what it is because of the team behind it. They made it ALL a favourite memory. Having said all that, the sticky toffee pudding on day 2 was a dream!

Q. Would you like to return to the role if the opportunity came about?
A. That goes without saying.

Q. Doctor Who guest stars get the chance to meet fans at the various events and conventions that are held around the world. Are these something you would be interested in attending yourself?
A. Adrian appeared on screen for a couple of minutes, but I’ve been embraced by most Whovians the world over. If they are as warm and welcoming as that, then of course I’d love to attend!

Q. Based on your own experiences, what advice would you give to any aspiring actors out there?
A. It has only truly started happening for me in the last few years. It can take time. It certainly takes perseverance. But that is also a test of how badly you want it. Oh, and be nice to everyone!

Q. Finally, have you got any upcoming projects you can tell us a little about?
A. I’m due to start rehearsal for a new farce called Sex and the Three Day Week which runs at Liverpool Playhouse over Christmas. You can catch me as Richard in the first episode of Dorian Gray Series 3, due out in November from Big Finish. Following that, I’m joining the Broadway production of Wolf Hall with the RSC. Beyond that? Who knows!

New series, new Doctor, new adventures. Click here for all the latest on Series 8!

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