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December 24th, 2016

It’s Christmas Eve which means that the Doctor’s long awaited comeback in The Return of Doctor Mysterio is just around the corner!

The arrival of a Doctor Who Christmas Special is always an auspicious occasion (especially when it’s the only new episode of the year!), and to help us prepare for its premiere, we embarked on a mission to rank the previous festive episodes from best to not-so best, and the results are in!

Check ‘em below, and thanks to everybody who voted.

11. The Next Doctor (1%)

2008 was an epic year for Doctor Who so it was only fitting that it culminated with the return of one of the show’s most iconic adversaries, the Cybermen. The stomping metal monsters were the least of the Tenth Doctor’s worries, though, as his arrival in a snowy Victorian London also brought him face to face with a man who was claiming to be one of his future incarnations. The one, the only and the best. Or was he?

Well, no, as it turns out, but just over 13 million viewers tuned in to find out whether or not Russell T Davies had managed to hoodwink an entire nation again after the Doctor’s botched regeneration in Journey’s End earlier that same year. Oh, the feels. In fact, we needed a whole gap year to recover…

10. The Time of the Doctor (3%)

Matt Smith crash-landed on to our screens as the Eleventh Doctor in Spring 2010 but, after what can only be described as one of the show’s most ambitious and epic tenures to date, timey-wimey was finally up for our Fez wearing, fish fingers and custard eating incarnation on Christmas Day 2013 when he bowed out in spectacular style to an audience of 12.1 million viewers.

It was the end of an almighty era which also served to bookend the year’s far-reaching 50th anniversary celebrations with the arrival of a brand new Doctor in the form of Peter Capaldi. But do you know what? We’ll always remember when the Doctor was Matt. Goodnight, raggedy man.

9. The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe (3%)

Suffice to say, 2011 was a tough year for the Eleventh Doctor. It all kicked off when he was shot dead at Lake Silencio and things then went from bad to worse (and not to mention confusing!) when he was summoned to investigate his own death. He was also reunited with River Song, who would later be revealed as Amy and Rory’s daughter as well as the impossible astronaut behind his untimely demise. Series 6 was a rollercoaster to say the least.

You can’t blame him, then, for wanting to restore his faith in the universe by sharing a little joy, and that’s exactly what he did in The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe when he journeyed back to 1938 to give Madge Arwell and her children – plus the 10.77 million viewers watching at home – the best Christmas ever. What would we do without him?

8. Last Christmas (4%)

Not to be confused with the classic Wham! hit of the same name, although the 2014 Christmas Special was such a madcap adventure, that pretty much anything goes.

It’s not every day that the Doctor comes face to face with Santa Claus himself but he here was in the actual North Pole and, well… it all got a bit weird after that, didn’t it? Still, it ended with the most magical of sleigh rides over a snowy London town, so who cares if it was all happening inside their heads? Besides, stranger things have happened. The perfect Christmas adventure.

7. The End of Time, Part One (4%)

Doctor Who has established a habit of breaking our Whovian hearts during the festive period (but it’s the season to be jolly, God damn you!) and we all needed a stiff drink – or five – to help us pick up the pieces back in 2009 when the Tenth Doctor embarked on his final journey.

Ok, so it really hit the fan in part two on New Year’s Day, but Russell didn’t shy away from giving us all the feels (and then some!) on Christmas Day as the Master returned and our hero accepted the inevitability of his unavoidable fate. Also… Wilfred Mott. Need we say more?

6. The Runaway Bride (7%)

The Tenth Doctor had just said a heartbreaking farewell to Rose Tyler but his tears weren’t even dry before he was thrown head first into his next adventure, featuring Catherine Tate in a wedding dress. Because Christmas.

The ensuing drama made for one of the most epic adventures to date as the Doctor raced to get Donna Noble to the church on time. Her happily ever was over before it even began, however, after it was revealed that this fiesty temp from Chiswick had been caught up in a sinister web of deception. Enter the Empress of the Racnoss. Oh, Donna. Fortunately for her, though, her trip of a lifetime was only just beginning…

5. Voyage of the Damned (10%)

Nobody has ever been fortunate enough to take a peek at the Doctor’s Christmas list but we’re sure that a yuletide romp (no, not like that…) with an acclaimed pop princess would take a pretty high spot. Well, he should be so lucky – lucky, lucky, lucky – back in 2008 when he joined forces with Kylie Minogue for an epic, festive adventure aboard a spaceship replica of the Titanic. You couldn’t write it, but thank God Russell T Davies did.

The dynamic duo was to be short lived, of course, as the would-be companion ended up sacrificing herself to save the world. It was certainly fun while it lasted, though, and the episode still stands as one of the most watched of the revived series, with 13.31 million viewers to its name. We just can’t get it out of our head.

4. The Husbands of River Song (11%)

Steven Moffat gave Doctor Who fans one of the greatest presents of them all last year when he finally introduced River Song to the Twelfth Doctor. While the story itself is an enjoyable enough ride, it’s the final moments that have no doubt resulted in this episode reaching such a high place in the countdown.

After River’s initial debut – and subsequent demise – back in 2008 (wait, has it really been that long?!), we finally got to witness their bittersweet farewell on Darillium. It was the momentous moment we had all been waiting for and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house as they both lived out their happily ever after. You know, in timey-wimey sort of way.

3. The Snowmen (14%)

We found ourselves back in Victorian London on Christmas Day 2012 (the Doctor just can’t stay away, can he?!) when Jenna Coleman’s second introduction as Clara Oswald was upstaged by a band of sinister Snowmen who sounded a lot like that grey, bearded wizard guy from Lord of the Rings. Raymond Briggs’ Snowman was way cuter.

Still, it all added to the festive fun, and even Strax, Jenny and Vastra came along for the ride as a chilling menace threatened Earth. Not everybody would live to tell the tale, but things got rather confusing when it was our new companion who paid the ultimate price. Again. Oh well, there was always next year.

2. The Christmas Invasion (15%)

Taking second place is the one that started it all as David Tennant stepped aboard the TARDIS for his first full-length adventure as the Tenth Doctor… which he spent most of in bed. He had just regenerated, though, so we’ll let him off (this time…), but his untimely recovery meant that there was nobody around to defend planet Earth from the ensuing threat of the sinister Sycorax. Typical.

He came through to save the day (satsuma and all) in the end, of course, and, as the first Doctor Who Christmas Special, the episode kick started a televisual tradition that, over a decade later, is now impossible to imagine the festive season without. And an average of 12 million viewers would tend to agree. Amen to that.

1. A Christmas Carol (28%)

In at first place is the episode that taught us that when you’re alone, silence is all you know… unless you have Katherine Jenkins singing to you through a sonic screwdriver in the middle of a snowy town on Christmas Day. We’ve all had that dream, right?

A Christmas Carol basically sums up everything that a Doctor Who Christmas Special should be about. There’s a heartwarming story, a lonely old miser seeking redemption (who just so happens to be Albus freakin’ Dumbledore!), a shark sleigh ride and Karen Gillan in a police uniform. What more could you possibly want on Christmas Day? Steven Moffat, we salute you.

November 16th, 2014
Warning! This article and its comments may contain spoilers...

The official rating for this year’s Doctor Who finale has been revealed.

Death in Heaven, which was first broadcast on BBC One on Saturday 8th November, was seen by 7.60 million people in the UK, making it the 5th most watched finale of the revived series so far.

A considerable leap from its initial ‘overnight’ of 5.45 million, the consolidated figure includes those who watched the episode within the first 7 days of its transmission.

Doctor Who Finale Ratings 2005-Present

  1. Series 4 (2008): Journey’s End – 10.57 million
  2. Series 3 (2007): Last of the Time Lords – 8.61million
  3. Series 2 (2006): Doomsday – 8.22million
  4. Series 6 (2011) – The Wedding of River Song – 7.67 million
  5. Series 8 (2014) – Death in Heaven – 7.60 million
  6. Series 7: The Name of the Doctor (2013) – 7.45 million
  7. Series 1 (2005): The Parting of the Ways – 6.91million
  8. Series 5 (2010) – The Big Bang – 6.7 million

Peter Capaldi’s debut series as the Twelfth Doctor averaged 7.4 million viewers in the UK.

“Say something nice” (or not) about the Series 8 finale in our episode discussion!

May 1st, 2014
Warning! This article and its comments may contain spoilers...

The Girl Who Waited. The Last Centurion. The Doctor and River Song. The Doctor and Rose.

These are just a few images that are evocative of the romances portrayed on Doctor Who in the most recent series. These are all fine and dandy – romantic entanglements come along with life – but what role do they play on Doctor Who – and do they help or hinder the show?

Let’s take a look at the Doctor and Rose. We all had the feels when he left her at Bad Wolf Bay, and then again when he left her there with the meta crisis Doctor. Love is one of, if not the biggest, emotional pull humans feel, and every writer on every show knows this. While love is the biggest and often the strongest connection any living being can feel, it’s more of a catalyst for things on the show – Rose’s love for the Doctor is what tears her away from her family, and her life in London, leading her to a life of adventure. And the Doctor’s love for Rose is what makes him leave her at Bad Wolf Bay in the parallel universe – simply to protect her and to give her the kind of life that the Doctor wants her to have.

But the Doctor and Rose is not the only love story to have come across our screens from the Whoniverse. Who didn’t feel a tug at their heartstrings, and maybe even a drop of water at their eye, when Rory said to Amy: “I’m not mad that you grew old; I’m mad that we didn’t grow old together,” in The Girl Who Waited, and in the very same episode when Amy tears time apart for Rory. The ultimate romantic sacrifice, though, takes place in the Angels Take Manhattan: who didn’t cry their eyes out when Amy let the Weeping Angels take her because no matter how much she loves the Doctor, no matter how much he’s her best friend, she can not live without Rory. And because of the promise they had made each other shortly before that: Together. Or not at all.

The relationship between the Doctor and River Song is another one of my favorites. One of the more comical love stories from the show, they are always out of time with each other, but always in step together anyway, somehow. Good thing River keeps a journal, or they would always be confused! In the Wedding of River Song, River refused to let the Doctor die “without knowing that you are loved.” (and loved he is! All across the Universe!) River and the Doctor are sassy and flirtatious, and it’s extremely comical how bashful she can make him sometimes, with a blush of his cheek and a straightening of his bow tie. There’s a cute boyish charm to the Doctor when he thinks dating is “texting and scones.”

Even with all these entertaining and emotional Doctor Who love stories, love is not – and should not – be the focus of Doctor Who; then it would be a completely different show. Doctor Who is about exploration, connection to the universe and all it’s inhabitants; it’s about this hero from Gallifrey who shows up just in time, at least to this Whovian. Though at the same time, while the romantic relationships on Doctor Who are not the core of the show, the show itself would be half empty without them. The romantic relationships are what elicits strong emotional reactions in us.

Besides, the best relationship is between the Doctor and Sexy, no?

Editorial written by Becca Christian

December 2nd, 2013

Silva Screen have announced that they’ll be releasing a 4 disc CD set compiling half a century of Doctor Who music!

The 50th Anniversary Collection will be available to buy and download from 9th December and promises to take fans on a musical journey through time.

Enjoy a fascinating insight into the history of the Doctor Who music charted from its experimental beginnings to today’s hugely popular orchestrated scores by Murray Gold.

Click here to pre-order your copy from and see its full tracklisting below:

Disc 1

1. Doctor Who (Original Theme)

2. An Unearthly Child: Three Guitars Mood 2

3. An Unearthly Child – TARDIS Takeoff

4. The Daleks (The Dead Planet): Forest Atmosphere

5. The Daleks (The Dead Planet): Forest With Creature

6. The Daleks (The Dead Planet): City Music 1 and 2

7. The Daleks (The Dead Planet): The Daleks

8. The Daleks (The Survivors) – Dalek Control Room

9. The Daleks (The Ambush): The Ambush

10. The Daleks – Capsule Oscillation (Dalek Destructor Fuse / Bomb Countdown)

11. The Edge of Destruction – Explosion, TARDIS Stops

12. The Keys of Marinus – Sleeping Machine

13. The Chase – Dalek Spaceship Lands

14. The Chase – TARDIS Lands

15. Galaxy Four – Chumbley (Constant Run)

16. Galaxy Four – Chumbley at Rest

17. Galaxy Four: Marche (Les Structures Sonores)

18. The Daleks’ Master Plan (The Nightmare Begins): A Strange Sickness

19. The Daleks’ Master Plan (Destruction of Time): Growing Menace

20. The Gunfighters: Excerpts from ‘The Ballad of the Last Chance Saloon’

21. The Tenth Planet: Space Adventure Part 2

22. The Macra Terror – Heartbeat Chase

23. The Macra Terror – Chromophone Band

24. The Macra Terror – Propaganda Sleep Machine

25. The Tomb of the Cybermen – Sideral Universe

26. The Tomb of the Cybermen – Space Time Music Part 1

27. The Web of Fear – Space Time Music Part 2

28. Fury from the Deep – Mr. Oak and Mr. Quill (Incidental Music)

29. The Wheel in Space – Cyberman Stab & Music

30. The Wheel in Space – Birth of Cybermats

31. The Wheel in Space – Interior Rocket (Suspense Music)

32. The Dominators – Galaxy Atmosphere

33. The Mind Robber – Zoe’s Theme

34. The Invasion: The Dark Side of the Moon

35. The Invasion: The Company

36. The Krotons – Machine and City Theme

37. The Krotons – Kroton Theme

38. The Seeds of Death: Titles

39. The Seeds of Death: Ice Warriors Music

40. The War Games – Time Lord Court

41. Doctor Who (New Opening, 1967 – full version)

42. The Mind of Evil: The Master’s Theme

43. The Mind of Evil: Hypnosis Music

44. The Mind of Evil: Dover Castle

45. The Mind of Evil – Keller Machine Appears and Vanishes

46. The Mind of Evil: Keller Machine Theme

47. The Claws of Axos – Copy machine tickover

48. The Claws of Axos: The Axons Approach

49. Music from ‘The Sea Devils’

50. Music from ‘The Mutants’

51. Music from ‘Frontier in Space’ Episode 1

52. Music from ‘Death to the Daleks’

53. Planet of the Spiders – Metebelis III Atmosphere

Disc 2

1. Doctor Who Opening Title Theme

2. The Ark In Space – Nerva Beacon Infrastructure and TMat Couch

3. Music from “Revenge of the Cybermen”

4. Terror of the Zygons: The Destruction of Charlie Rig

5. Terror of the Zygons: A Landing in Scotland

6. Terror of the Zygons: The Zygons Attack

7. Music from “The Android Invasion” Episodes 3 and 4

8. The Brain of Morbius – The Planet Karn

9. The Seeds of Doom: Antarctica – The First Pod

10. The Seeds of Doom: Get Dunbar! / Krynoid On The Loose

11. The Masque of Mandragora – The Mandragora Helix

12. Music from “The Invasion of Time” Episodes 3 and 4

13. Doctor Who Closing Titles (40″ Version)

14. Doctor Who 1980 (Opening Titles)

15. The Leisure Hive: Into Argolis

16. Full Circle: K9 on a Mission

17. The Keeper of Traken: Nyssa’s Theme

18. Logopolis: It’s The End…

19. Doctor Who 1980 (Closing Titles)

20. Castrovalva

21. Four to Doomsday: Exploring the Lab

22. Earthshock – March Of The Cybermen

23. Mawdryn Undead

24. The Five Doctors

25. Warriors of the Deep

26. Resurrection of the Daleks

27. The Caves of Androzani (Alternative Suite)

28. Doctor Who Theme (1980 – Full Version)

Disc 3

1. The Twin Dilemma

2. The Mark of the Rani

3. The Two Doctors

4. Timelash

5. Revelation of the Daleks

6. Doctor Who 1986

7. The Trial of a Time Lord: The Mysterious Planet

8. The Trial of a Time Lord: Terror of the Vervoids

9. The Trial of a Time Lord: The Ultimate Foe

10. Doctor Who 1987

11. Music from ‘Time and the Rani’

12. Delta and the Bannermen: “Here’s to the Future”

13. Music from ‘Dragonfire’

14. Music from ‘Remembrance of the Daleks’

15. Music from ‘The Greatest Show in the Galaxy’

16. Music from ‘Battlefield’

17. Music from ‘The Curse of Fenric’

18. Music from ‘Survival’

19. “…and somewhere else, the tea’s getting cold” (from ”Survival”)

20. Prologue: Skaro / “Doctor Who” Theme

21. “Who Am I?”

22. The Chase (Original Version)

23. “Open the Eye”

24. Farewell

25. End Credits / “Doctor Who” Theme

Disc 4

1. Doctor Who Theme – TV Version

2. Doctor Who: Series 1 – Rose’s Theme

3. Doctor Who: Series 2 – Doomsday

4. Doctor Who: Series 3 – All The Strange Strange Creatures (The Trailer Music)

5. Doctor Who: Series 3 – Martha’s Theme

6. Doctor Who: Series 3 – Boe

7. Doctor Who: Series 3 – The Doctor Forever

8. Doctor Who: Series 3 – This Is Gallifrey: Our Childhood, Our Home

9. Doctor Who: Series 3 – Donna’s Theme

10. Doctor Who: Series 4 – Song Of Freedom

11. Doctor Who: Series 4-The Specials – The Master Suite

12. Doctor Who: Series 4-The Specials – Four Knocks

13. Doctor Who: Series 4-The Specials – Vale Decem

14. Doctor Who: Series 5 – I Am The Doctor

15. Doctor Who: Series 5 – The Mad Man With A Box

16. Doctor Who: Series 5 – Amy’s Theme

17. Doctor Who: Series 6 – Melody Pond

18. Doctor Who: Series 6 – The Wedding Of River Song

19. Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol – Abigail’s Song (Silence Is All You Know)

20. Doctor Who: Series 7 – Towards The Asylum

21. Doctor Who: Series 7 – Together Or Not At All – The Song Of Amy And Rory

22. Doctor Who: Series 7 – Up The Shard

23. Doctor Who: Series 7 – The Long Song

See the latest Doctor Who products on sale now via our merchandise section!

With thanks to Silva Screen.

March 6th, 2013

BBC Worldwide recently released an interesting video which showcases Doctor Who in five different languages.

As of 2013, the Doctor’s adventures have been sold to more than 200 territories, including the US, France, Russia, China, Germany and Iceland.

The clip’s taken from The Wedding of River Song (2011). It demonstrates just how all the timey wimey action is being enjoyed all around the world. Watch it below!

Doctor Who will return to BBC One on Saturday 30th March in The Bells of St John.

For all the latest in Doctor Who news and musings, follow us on Twitter @WhovianNet!

October 12th, 2012

A DVD boxset of the first 6 series of the revived Doctor Who will be released exclusively in the US next month!

Billed as “the ultimate holiday gift”, the 41-disc set features over 70 hours of adventures, from Rose all the way to The Wedding of River Song. As well as all of the previously released extras, three BBC America documentaries – ‘The Women of Doctor Who’, ‘The Timey-Wimey of Doctor Who’ and ‘The Destinations of Doctor Who’ – are also included, for the first time on DVD, on a bonus disc.

The collection also comes with the Eleventh Doctor’s sonic screwdriver, three original art cards and a Comic Con comic book. It’ll be released on 20th November, priced $249.95.

Above – Pre-order the Limited Edition DVD Gift Set on Amazon (US only)!

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April 19th, 2012

The fifth volume of Doctor Who Magazine’s Eleventh Doctor specials has been released, so make sure you add it to your collection!

This Companion issue goes behind the scenes on Series 6’s The God Complex, Closing Time and The Wedding of River Song, as well as last year’s Christmas Special, The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe. It also features in-depth guides to the Doctor Who Experience and the live interactive show The Crash of the Elysium.

The Eleventh Doctor – Volume 5 is on sale now, priced £4.99. Pick up your copy today!

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March 11th, 2012

John Barrowman isn’t the only one celebrating today – it just so happens to be Alex Kingston’s birthday too!

The River Song actress turns 49 today, and we hope she has a fantastic day. Leave your own birthday messages for Alex in the comments below!

She was last seen on our screens as River last year in The Wedding of River Song, and Alex revealed in a recent interview that she “may” be back in Series 7

February 1st, 2012

Looking to get your hands on the latest Doctor Who toys and treats? Keep reading for our new merchandise update!

Money money money must be funny in a Time Lord’s world, so it’s a good job that this TARDIS money box will soon be materialising so you can keep an eye on all your pennies! If you ever care for some tea, this new tea pot is also on its way, although it’s not bigger on the inside! Once you’ve got your cuppa, you may want to enjoy it in one of these mugs, featuring an exploding TARDIS or ‘Don’t Blink’ message.

Protect your cookies in this cookie jar, and give your iPhone a timey-wimey makeover with a little help from these Eleventh Doctor and Dalek covers. If your walls are left looking a tad bare since you pulled the Christmas decorations down, try this Live Chess framed print, as seen in The Wedding of River Song, or these Everything I Know and TARDIS posters. And here’s the Doctor’s badge from Series 6’s Closing Time!

For all you Classic Series fans, keep an eye out for the forthcoming Peri and Rogue Cyberman, Remembrance of the Daleks and Fourth Doctor and Krynoid sets…

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November 25th, 2011

Last month we told you about the new Series 6 soundtrack which is to be released in time for Christmas – and now its track listing has been revealed!

The 2-disc CD will be available to buy/download from 19th December, featuring an array of Murray Gold’s scores which were heard throughout this year’s adventures.

Check out the track list below! Any tracks you’re particularly looking forward to humming along to…? Let us know!

Something else which will no doubt be at the top of our Christmas wish lists this year is the Series 6 boxset, which is out now on DVD and Blu-ray! Find out more about it here.

- The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon

1) I Am The Doctor In Utah
2) 1969
3) The Impossible Astronaut
4) Trust Me
5) Help Is On Its Way
6) Another Perfect Prison
7) Greystark Hall
8) Apollo 11
9) Day Of The Moon
10) I See You Silence

- The Curse of the Black Spot
11) You’re A Dead Man
12) Deadly Siren
13) Perfect Reflection
14) All For One
15) The Curse Of The Black Spot

- The Doctor’s Wife
16) I’ve Got Mail
18) Run, Sexy
19) Locked On

- The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People
20) The Chemical Castle
21) Which One Is The Flesh?
22) Scanning Me
23) Ransacked
24) Always With The Rory
25) Double Doctor
26) Tell Me The Truth
27) Loving Isn’t Knowing

- A Good Man Goes To War
28) River’s Waltz
29) Pop
30) Tell Me Who You Are
31) Melody Pond

- Let’s Kill Hitler
1) Growing Up Fast
2) The Blush Of Love
3) Terror Of The Reich
4) The British Are Coming
5) A Very Unusual Melody
6) When A River Forms
7) Pay Attention Grown Ups
8) The Enigma Of River Song

- Night Terrors
9) Bedtime For George
10) Tick Tock Round The Clock
11) A Malevolent Estate
12) Night Terrors

- The Girl Who Waited

13) Apalapucia
14) 36 Years
15) Lost In The Wrong Stream

- The God Complex
16) The Hotel Prison
17) Room Of Your Dreams
18) Fear Enough
19) What’s Left To Be Scared Of?
20) Rita Praises

- Closing Time
21) Stormageddon, Dark Lord Of All
22) Definitely Going
23) Over Your Shoulder
24) Ladieswear
25) Fragrance
26) My Time Is Running Out

- The Wedding Of River Song
27) Tick Tock (Vocal Track)
28) 5:02pm
29) The Head Of An Enemy
30) My Silence
31) Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart
32) Forgiven
33) Time Is Moving
34) The Wedding Of River Song

35) The Majestic Tale (Of A Madman In A Box)

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