WhovianNet’s 10 exclusive teasers for Extremis

May 18th, 2017
Warning! This article and its comments may contain spoilers...

Doctor Who continues this weekend and things take a turn for the worse for our heroes as Series 10 reaches its epic halfway point.

To get you ready for the shocks that lie ahead in Extremis (and believe us when we say that there’s plenty of ‘em!), take a look at our 10 exclusive teasers – including one red herring – and let us know what you can deduct, and which you think is the fib, in the comments section.

Extremis airs on Saturday at 7:25pm on BBC One.

  1. If you’re going into this episode anticipating Missy’s return, you won’t have to wait very long at all. Like, at all.
  2. For a forbidden library, the security sure is lax. Where’s River Song when you need her?
  3. Oh, there she is. Didn’t anyone ever tell you that it’s rude to read somebody else’s diary, Nardole?
  4. Bill finds a book written by her future self in the library.
  5. 36. 17. 9. 48. 103. 1,000,000.
  6. “Teach me how to be good.”
  7. Nardole was right.
  8. Nothing is as it seems. And we mean nothing.
  9. We finally discover what’s inside the Vault, and it’ll blow your mind. That is, if you haven’t you figured it out yet
  10. And you thought last week’s cliffhanger was dramatic…

The void is waiting, and so is our discussion! Review the latest episode, Oxygen »

8 comments on this article
  1. Pcap
    May 19th, 2017 at 3.59am | #1

    God please NO, too much River Song! Completely ruined the show and turned it into River Who!

  2. stella
    May 19th, 2017 at 6.13am | #2

    I agree sick and tired of River did not liked her in the library with the 10th doctor

  3. Sarah
    May 19th, 2017 at 7.20am | #3

    Oh, stop with the “this person turned it into (fill in the blank) Who.” Clara turned it into Clara Who, River turned it into River Who. I guess Rose turned it into Rose Who? Considering the show was brought back wih the refusal to believe that anyone could ever relate to the Doctor, and needed the companion in order to understand anything, yeah, it’s all “DW is about the companion’s reaction to the Doctor, not the Doctor himself.” Rose Who, Martha Who, Donna Who, Amy and Rory Who, Bill Who…

  4. April
    May 19th, 2017 at 8.05am | #4

    I love River but this is certainly not the way I want her to come back. That said, I think the herring is No. 3.

  5. Belleamie47
    May 19th, 2017 at 3.01pm | #5

    Oooh, if they’ve teased us yet again (like with the frost fair) and still do not deliver on River Song I’m going to be so *cross*. (And with this site, too, now, if “There she is” isn’t literal and you are getting my hopes up in spite of myself!) She’s my favorite character on Doctor Who. I dunno if this is how I’d want her to come back until I see it because we don’t know that she is coming back, let alone how. I think it’d be fun if she just showed up and had saved herself from the library. She has a significant history of escape, you know. OTOH, it hurts my heart that the Doctor didn’t try to save her, especially after the lengths he went to for Clara. All that and NO EFFORT AT ALL to rescue his wife?? Especially when it would be so easy to fake her death the same way she helped him fake his own. It makes me like him less. Sooo…he should try to save her, but in the end, she should be the one who saves herself. There we go. I’d be good if this already happened off screen and River has been back from the Library since shortly after she left Darillium and we’re only just now learning it. It’d explain the Doctor’s change in views on time, from “Time passes, even for me” and “Everything ends” to “Time does not pass. The passage of time is an illusion….Every moment of your life laid out around you like a city. Streets full of buildings made of days. The day you were born, the day you die. The day you fall in love, the day that love ends….Time is the space made by our lives where we stand together, forever.”

  6. AKnew
    May 19th, 2017 at 11.05pm | #6

    I love these River Song mentions, she’s such a phenomenal character and brings wonderful continuity to these last 9 years.

    Very interesting to see what book Bill has written. It’s interesting that both Bill and Amy become writers…

  7. JC
    May 20th, 2017 at 6.11pm | #7

    River Song is quite a marmite character in a similar way to Jack Harkness, but I’ve always liked her. She’s spirited, confident and walks the line between good and bad with relish. I also like the qualities she brings out in The Doctor that no one else can.

    Still, I agree that it diminishes the character when she keeps turning up before the date of her “death” in The Library. I’m of the opinion that her mind will be restored to a body like The Master one day and that she’ll regenerate when the show/Alex Kingston decide they’ve had enough, but I think they should give it a while. Still, this is Steven Moffat’s last series, so perhaps he can’t afford not to bring her back one last time at some point.

    Not sure.

  8. Steve
    May 22nd, 2017 at 6.37pm | #8

    @JC I am not sure it is River who is the problem directly but this over obsession of Moffat that the Doctor is her husband! This bring down her character.

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