New Matt and Steven interviews on official site

March 24th, 2010

The official Doctor Who website has posted two brand new interviews with Matt Smith and Steven Moffat!

The Eleventh Doctor actor describes the latest incarnation as “brilliant, insane, mad, loving, non-loving, articulate and non-articulate”. “Steven’s sort of made him everything and anything,” he concludes. “I think the Doctor is always the Doctor, but I think it’s hard to define him because it’s always a work in progress.”

Meanwhile, the showrunner explains: “It’s a chance for the Doctor to start again, and what we have with Matt’s Doctor is that he’s young, but at the same time you have absolutely no doubt when he walks in that he’s old.”

He adds: “He’s mad. We’ve got a proper bonkers Doctor. He’s the ultimate nutty professor, and at the same time he’s a cool, young guy. He’s all things at once.”

The new series of Doctor Who begins Saturday 3rd April on BBC One and BBC HD!

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  1. Ruby
    March 24th, 2010 at 9.05pm | #1

    I dont have a problem with Matt, I think he’s going to be brilliant and the new series is going to be fantastic! But I worry that it is going to be hard to believe he is a 900 year old alien because he is so young and energetic, but I’m sure we’ll all be given a really good show from him and hopefully in time we’ll start to accept he is the same man as William Hartnell, Peter Davidson and David Tennant :)

  2. TSG
    March 25th, 2010 at 5.23pm | #2

    At the end of the vid, I noticed that they’ve still got the s4 title music. I preferred s2 or 3 myself, but each to their own.

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