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July 31st, 2009

john_barrowman_jrJohn Barrowman has reportedly revealed that he’s currently in talks to appear in the new series of the hit US comedy-drama Desperate Housewives.

The Doctor Who/Torchwood actor announced the news on the Breakfast Show on Radio 1 earlier today, and confirmed that he’ll shortly be flying over to LA to discuss the potential role with the programme’s producers.

“I probably shouldn’t say this but I’ve got a meeting with the execs of Desperate Housewives,” he said. “Can you believe it, I’m going to be a Desperate Housewife!”

There’s no news as of yet to what part he’ll be playing in the show – but maybe when Captain Jack said it’s time for him to start a new life he meant moving to Wisteria Lane? Or maybe not… Stick with us!

July 31st, 2009

doctor-discussion-potd-prophecyFollowing on from the debut of the Christmas specials trailer at the San Diego Comic-Con earlier this week, everybody’s talking about what’s in store for the Doctor this festive season (even more so than before!), and the man himself, David Tennant, has spoken about how we’ll see the Time Lord act when he realises his tenth incarnation is close to dying…

“I think this Doctor likes being this Doctor,” he told IGN. “And I think that’s kind of the beat that we play.”

He added: ”He knows that the sands of time are running out. He’s been told. And the bell is tolling for him, and he doesn’t want to go quietly.”

Meanwhile, outgoing showrunner, Russell T Davies, described the next special, The Waters of Mars, as being “one of those claustrophobic submarine-type dramas, all trapped in an enclosed space with sort of increasing darkness and intensity”. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

The Waters of Mars will air on BBC One and BBC HD later this year, with the final two specials transmitting on the channels over the Christmas period.

July 31st, 2009

karen_gillan_avatarDon’t forget that Karen Gillan will be appearing in the new series of The Kevin Bishop Show, which kicks off tonight on Channel 4 at 10:00PM.

In the show, Gillan, who is currently filming the fifth series of Doctor Who alongside Matt Smith, stars as various characters in different sketches poking fun at personalities from the worlds of TV, film and popular culture.

Please be aware that the programme does contain strong language and some content that may be considered as being unsuitable for younger viewers.

July 31st, 2009

tom_baker_fourth_doctorTom Baker has revealed that he’d jump at the chance to return to Doctor Who at some point in the future – but only if the script was up to scratch.

The actor, who’s famous for his portrayal of the Fourth Doctor between the years 1974 and 1981, would only consider a comeback on the condition he could have a say in his lines.

“I’d want to have some say,” he said. ”I’m not asking for [British playwright] Tom Stoppard to write the script, but for it to be as I remember it.”

His comments follow on from weeks of speculation regarding a Children in Need sketch which, according to the reports, would bring together all 11 incarnations of the Time Lord. However, showrunner Russell T Davies has denied the rumours, but has reportedly confirmed that the pre-titles sequence of The Waters of Mars will be shown during the charity’s telethon event on Friday 20th November.

July 30th, 2009

tenth_doctor_avatar_defaultIn response to the people who have asked and/or been wondering about the Christmas trailer that was shown at the Comic-Con, we’ve decided that we won’t be uploading it onto the site until it’s been released by the BBC.

Although it’s, naturally, already progressing around the web at record speed via YouTube, etc…, all of these copies of the preview were recorded on cameras at the event, so they are by no means official.

We’d rather respect the decisions of the BBC by waiting until an authentic version is released (whenever that might be…). Even though it was inevitable that it would be posted online, the trailer was made solely for the purpose of the Comic-Con, but, like the trailer for The Next Doctor last year, it’ll no doubt be posted on the official site as and when the BBC see fit to do so (like the trailer for The Waters of Mars that was also shown at the event). Of course, there are other places for you to see it if you want to, but we’ll wait until it’s released properly before we make WhovianNet one of them. Thanks!

July 27th, 2009

the_waters_of_mars_trailer_comic_conHot off the heels of its debut at the San Diego Comic-Con yesterday, the brand new trailer for the upcoming Doctor Who special, The Waters of Mars, has now been released online!

The preview contains lots of new clips from the episode, which stars David Tennant as the 10th Doctor. Lindsay Duncan also appears as Adelaide, the head of the Mars Base who doesn’t take too kindly to the Time Lord’s uninvited appearance…

You can check out the thrilling new teaser below… The Waters of Mars will air on BBC One and BBC HD later this year. It’s written by Russell T Davies and Phil Ford and directed by Graeme Harper.

We don’t hear any knocking. Do you..?

>> Keep up to date with the latest Waters of Mars news here!

July 27th, 2009

master_john_simm_series_3_maskThe official Doctor Who website has now been updated with the news of John Simm’s return as the Master in David Tennant’s last episodes!

While it’s been common knowledge for the minority of fans for a while now (most notably the ones who savage the vast corners of the interweb in search of spoilers – *cough*!), his comeback hasn’t been confirmed by any official sources until now (David Tennant announced the news yesterday at the San Diego Comic-Con).

But more importantly, just HOW has he survived after the events of Last of the Time Lords? Could it have something to do with the ring that was picked out from his ashes, perhaps? Alexandra Moen, who played his wife, Lucy Saxon, will also be back this Christmas, so maybe his return has something to do with her? Whatever happens (and we’ll have to wait until December to find out for sure…), as the Master himself once said, revenge is a thing best served hot, and no doubt he’ll have a few harsh words for the Doctor following the events of the Series 3 finale! Let’s just hope the consequences aren’t too severe for our beloved Time Lord… *gulps*. Speculate away!

July 26th, 2009

tenth_doctor_defaultThis year’s Comic-Con convention in San Diego is well underway, and David Tennant, Russell T Davies, Julie Gardner and Euros Lyn all took part in the long-awaited Doctor Who panel earlier today, discussing everything from the Tenth Doctor’s upcoming demise to John Barrowman’s accent to Billie Piper’s breasts (no, really…). But, while there was no movie announcement (maybe next year?), there were still lots of things uncovered to discuss, and WhovianNet has all the coverage for you right here!

The panel kicked off at around 10:00AM PT (that’s 6PM for those of us in the UK), with a preview of this year’s eagerly-anticipated Christmas specials; a two-parter which will mark the end of David Tennant’s tenure as the Tenth Doctor. The trailer featured a mash-up of new clips from the episodes, including shots of Catherine Tate in role as Donna Noble, Bernard Cribbins as Wilfred Mott, and a mysterious figure wearing a black hood… And as the voice of Timothy Dalton – who will also be appearing in the episode – declared “His name is the Master…”, John Simm appeared on screen, looking just as chilling as he did way back in Series 3, but this time with blond hair. The final caption read ”The end of time. Christmas 2009.” Episode title perhaps? Let the speculation commence!

comic_con_logoAfter that, the cast and crew discussed various aspects of the show, but the topic of conversation was, naturally, centered around the final episodes, which, according to Director Euros, made Murray Gold start ”sobbing uncontrollably” when he came to compose the score for the last 20 minutes. The chief editor of the Guinness World Records was also on hand to present Russell with a special plaque to commemorate the fact that Doctor Who is now not only the longest running sci-fi programme of all time, but also the most successful, to which the outgoing showrunner joked that he felt “a Comic-Con war coming on”.

Up next – the Q&A session, which gave members of the audience the chance to ask the panel their very own quick fire questions. When asked if he would ever consider returning to the role for a charity event, David said, “Who knows? The dust has to settle. But it’s the 50th anniversary in 2013, isn’t it?”, and the actor went on to confirm that he currently has no plans to return to the show as the ‘Other Doctor’ created at the end of Journey’s End. Russell also confirmed that Alexandra Moen will be back as Lucy Saxon in the finale.

Meanwhile, it was confirmed that the SJA story featuring the Tenth Doctor is called The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith, and the two-parter will transmit as part of the programme’s third series on BBC One this Autumn. In other spin off news, Russell touched upon the likelyhood of Torchwood returning for a fourth series, and, while he’s sure it will come back in some shape or form, he can’t give a definite answer yet because he doesn’t know what the future holds for the programme.

Finally, the panel ended with another preview, this time of the upcoming special, The Waters of Mars. The trailer included various clips from the episode, including the Doctor saying, “Certain moments in time are fixed. This place on Mars, what happens here, must always happen.”

All in all, an eventful day for Whovians, and this is just a reminder that, although we’re in the middle of the dreaded gap year, we’ve still got plenty to look forward to over the coming months and there are definitely very good times ahead! Stick with us for the latest!

July 26th, 2009

tenth_doctor_dwmDavid Tennant, Russell T Davies, Julie Gardner and Euros Lyn are currently attending the Comic-Con in San Diego this weekened, and, naturally, the question on everybody’s lips is… just what can we expect to see in the Tenth Doctor’s final outing!?

Luckily, the Time Lord himself was on hand to tease fans about the nature of his last adventure; read on for quotes from David – as well as head writer Russell, executive producer Julie and director Euros…

Since the new series began, the Doctor has been shrouded in guilt following the destruction of his home planet, Gallifrey, and Tennant promises that, in the last two specials, we’ll learn a bit more about those faithful events of the Time War, and why oh why he so’s sorry…

“I think he feels guilty. I think he’s in a very difficult position,” Tennant told io9.com ”He has to make the hard choices, and he’s riddled with remorse for what happened to his people, and the part he played in that, which we’ll learn a little bit more about before I disappear. [Laughs] Not that much, just a little bit.”

He added: “But I think he’s tortured, and he travels time and space trying to make it better… but some of the side effects of that are not as we’d wish them to be.”

We’ve put together a round-up of what else we learn in the intriguing interview, so highlight the blank area below if you don’t mind being spoiled! However, for those of you who DO want to remain spoilerless, we recommend avoiding the rest of this post, including the comments. You have been warned…

• Julie insists that there are currently NO plans to make a Doctor Who Movie.
• David at long last confirmed that John Simm WILL be back as the Master.
• He also confirmed Timothy Dalton’s leaked casting in the episode (“Bloody hell, Timothy Dalton!”).
• According to David, the fact that the Doctor is the last of his kind, “or nearly the last of his kind”, will “come back in a big way in the final stories”.
• Donna’s grandad, Wilf, played by Bernard Cribbins, plays a “huge and fundamental part” in the last episodes.
• The crew promise that the last two specials contain some of the show’s finest moments to date.
• Euros recently showed the regeneration sequence to composer Murray Gold, who bawled like a baby.
• David promises that the final episodes are very emotional: “The story takes you to places that the Doctor can’t go on a regular basis. It affords an opportunity to confront this immutable character with new challenges and places you can only take him when that man is going to die, that version of that man is going to die. And that’s, for an actor’s point of view, hugely challenging and liberating and exciting… It’s thrilling that we get to make people cry a bit.”
• Russell says that fans shouldn’t expect to see any companions from the last four years in Series 5, because, as far as he knows, new showrunner Steven Moffat is “going to build his own”. But Russell added, “Of course, for all I know, he could phoning them all up in Cardiff right now.”

The cast and crew will shortly be taking part in a Doctor Who panel, which will no doubt result in more news and teasers sliping out… we’ll keep you updated!

July 24th, 2009

ianto_coe_juneRussell T Davies has responded to the criticism that he has faced from fans and critics as a result of his decision to kill off Ianto Jones in Torchwood: Children of Earth.

Although Davies admits that he knew the death of another of the show’s central characters would ultimately lead to a fan backlash, he has revealed that he still stands by his decision as he feels it was the only way forward for the programme.

“The threat to the world was just so great it simply would have been unlikely if everyone had survived,” he told Entertainment Weekly. ”Torchwood is an adult show. We have killed off leading members of the cast before. Those have always been the stakes. Poor Ianto was defeated by a greater evil, I’m afraid.”

The show’s creator went on to explain that killing off the character was entirely his own decision, and praised Gareth David Lloyd for his reaction after finding out he was being written out of the series.

“Oh, he’s a lovely, professional man,” he said. “He completely understood. He’d seen two major characters [Tosh and Owen] disappear the year before. It’s a job. It’s a very straightfoward process. He loved filming that great big death scene.”

But despite the controversy the mini-series has faced, Davies is hopeful that BBC One will order in another batch after it proved to be a ratings smash for the channel.

“We don’t yet know about our fourth series, but I’m fairly confident,” he confirmed. ”I will just sit down and invent new stories and characters. That’s what I’ve spent my entire life doing. It’s not difficult at all. I could write the first 10 scenes in an episode right now.”

He added: “Everything’s looking good, but it’s hard to say. We’re in a recession so no one gets easy money to make television. I like continuous story. I like doing new things. In many ways, Torchwood was designed as a digital weapon. It’s a kind of multi-purpose, multi-adaptable, shape-shifting weapon that can become anything. I’m kind of excited what we’ll do next.”

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